Of Anger and Apple Crumble Recipe

Note: GB is not feeling so good today and hence, pouring her heart out into this blog. Skip the first three paras, if you are looking for only apple crumble recipe.

Everyone who knows me well enough knows about my short temper, but I get angry only for a reason – that is if its justified. No.. this is no excuse to be get angry or shout/scream, but I am just saying. Most of the times, I try to remain silent. But sometimes I end up saying whatever I feel – hurting the other person (being my family or S) . I am trying hard to change this behavior of mine, but some things cant be changed that easily. S is a person who can be the God of Patience. He understands each of his words, thinks a lot before speaking. But me? words just come out like stings! That is if I decide to talk. Even if I lose my patience, he will be calm.. until the situation comes under control. May be that’s why its believed marriages are made in heaven. I cant imagine how the situation would be, if both of us are yelling or both of us are silent. Life wouldn’t move forward at all. Now why all this rambling, you may ask. I happened to think how my anger is affecting me and how I should be, if things needs to change.

The other problem with me is.. once I am angry, I go into a shell. I can only come out of it, if the other person understands the mistake and is ready  to talk about it. Whenever I have a minor argument/fight with S, I expect him to come around to discuss why we had that argument and what we could have done to avoid it, given that I would only be angry if he did something that irritates me. S being S, cant do all this analysis before he comes down to calm me which leads to another argument. Men are wired not to think that way, I know. He just wants me to forget whatever has happened and be normal which is impossible for me. There is only one thing that I like the most about all this drama. I will try to explain him the things that he wouldn’t understand straight away, he listens patiently and we will come to an agreement. For all this to happen, I must cool down. Fights or arguments that happen in the late evening or just before bed time are the worst. I cant sleep peacefully until all this is resolved and by the time I am willing to talk, S would be snoring off to glory! The next morning would make me very grumpy – first unresolved fight and second – he slept off. Poor guy will forget everything in the morning and comes to hug me, only to get shooed away. We are somehow managing better for all these 17 months, God knows how we are still together under the same roof. I sometimes feel, S is too good for me or I am not good enough for him. Even after me shouting at him or giving him silent treatment, he comes around as if nothing happened. What did I do to deserve this love from him? Am I not hurting him too much, by saying words or being silent? I know I am and thats why I wish to change, which is not easy enough.

Going over to what happened over this morning which made me think a lot – I was not feeling quite well from yesterday evening and S was super kind to have prepared me nice dinner of rice, carrot-beans fry and dal. It couldnt have been perfect – I was so happy while going to bed. Next thing I know, I woke at mid-night to have terrible headache and I couldn’t sleep at all. After trying to sleep until 5.30, I got up. Feeling even sick and weak, I decided to prepare some simple lunch – vegetable rice. In the meantime, I got a call from my office too. I had a meeting at 8.30, so I was already rushing. Since one of my colleagues is on leave, I am acting as his back-up too. I had no idea he left most of his work incomplete and I had to complete it before my meeting. So, I was juggling between kitchen and my laptop. S had no idea of any of this until he got up at just the right time that leaves him no room for anything but getting ready. I had to pack the dabbas and then prepare breakfast too. While I am at it, he comes to say he is leaving and he doesnt want anything. I dont know why exactly – I broke down. Yes! Its been a long long time, I cried that hard.. that too infront of him who hates to see me cry. I was feeling sick, not even able to stand and then there was office pressure and then the thought of why S didnt get up early to help me on top of which he is refusing the food I cooked too. I cried continuously for 10-15 mins like a kid. He tried to console me not even knowing the reason why I am crying. It took me a while to talk to him and for him to understand. Later he dropped me in my office, for the meeting. And then I find the meeting has been pushed out. I am feeling terrible inside right now. I know how busy he is at his office. He had to go early. He is tired too. I am just feeling so terrible. He even told me sorry, or my actions have made him to whereas he was not required to. I have no energy to talk/write more of this. I need some time to think over this all alone, once I feel physically better.

Now that I have poured my heart out, going to the recipe. Most of you asked me for the Apple crumble and Dosa Recipes. I promise I will put up dosa recipes by the weekend. And here is the apple crumble recipe now 🙂

Ingredients: (for just more than 2 serves)

  • Apple – 1 (Supposed to use golden or granny smith apple. I had only red apple, I just made sure its firm and it worked well for me)
  • Maida – 50 gms or 1 small cup
  • Sugar powdered – 2 or 3 tbsp (supposed to be less sweet, adjust if you want the crumble to be sweeter)
  • Butter (not frozen, but cold enough to cut into cubes) – 25 gms or 1/2 cup (the same small cup used for maida)
  • Salt – a pinch
  • Cinnamon Powder – 1 tsp


  1. Core the apples – peel off the skin and remove the centre part of the apple. Dice it into thin slices.
  2. Arrange the cut apple into the baking dish as below. Make sure there are no gaps in between. Try to fill in completely. You can also grease the baking dish with little butter before arranging the apple slices, which I didn’t do and it turned out no differently.

    Apple Slices arranged

  3. Take a mixing bowl and add the maida, salt and cinnamon powder and mix well.
  4. Cut the cold butter into the little cubes and add it to the maida mix.
  5. Gently mix the butter together until there is a crumbly mixture. Cold butter is the key to this.
  6. Add the sugar finally and mix well. The crumble is ready to top the apple slices.
  7. Spread the crumble mix evenly on top of the diced apples and press it gently with the back of a spoon or using your thumb. This is to make sure, we have a good biscuit texture with the crumble.

    Crumble mixture on top of apple slices, pressed gently

  8. Pre-heat the oven at 200°C in toast mode for 15 mins.
  9. Put the baking dish into the oven and bake at 200°C for 30 mins or until the crumble is golden brown.
  10. I wanted the crumble to be extra crisp and somehow my crumble was not turning golden brown. So, I had to put it up on grill/toast mode for additional 10 mins. Only then, I could smell of the cinnamon and biscuit 🙂 But be careful when its on toast mode. I left it for additional 2 mins as I was reading a book and it would have been a disaster if I had not taken it out on time. As the crumble has very simple ingredients, it can turn golden brown quite fast in toast mode – watch out for it.

    Golden brown top

  11. Take out the baking dish and let it rest for some 5 mins. Serve immediately with Vanilla ice cream. Hot and cold makes it a perfect evening dessert 🙂 In my case, I had to wake up S from his deep Sunday afternoon slumber 😀

    Served with ice cream 🙂

Its really simple to prepare with only half an hour time for baking. The biscuity textured crumble with cinnamon flavored apples go perfectly well with ice cream. Do try it and let me know how you all liked it 🙂


46 thoughts on “Of Anger and Apple Crumble Recipe

      • Aiyo ramaa, this happens most of the times between Zack and me. I will be so dead tired after a long day and will prepare many side dishes for dinner just because he likes particular combinations, but no, the Mr will not even open the lids on the vessels and ask for papads with dal.

        From what I have noticed, the men are not wired to think and analyse. They just want the matter to get over and then they will behave as if nothing ever happened. After a night’s sleep, they wont even have a clue why the Mrs is still angry

        Nothing to worry about GB..hugs

      • Firstly, there is no place in my kitchen for an oven 😦

        Secondly, if I want it, I can always tell you to make it for me 😛 😛

        But I will try a microwave version of this for sure, and will treat you with that 😉

  1. hmmm.. hope u r not PMSing :).. this happens to me.. once in a while i need to cry for no reason.. ur hubby is truly understanding.. god bless u both..
    coming to the recipe.. awwww.. mouthwatering pics.. hot and cold, i like the combination a lot.. :).. dont have oven to make it.. :(.

  2. Aiyo ramaa, this happens most of the times between Zack and me. I will be so dead tired after a long day and will prepare many side dishes for dinner just because he likes particular combinations, but no, the Mr will not even open the lids on the vessels and ask for papads with dal.

    From what I have noticed, the men are not wired to think and analyse. They just want the matter to get over and then they will behave as if nothing ever happened. After a night’s sleep, they wont even have a clue why the Mrs is still angry 😆

    Nothing to worry about GB..hugs 🙂

    • Visha…. 🙂 your second para speaks exactly whats going on 🙂 The only problem is me having difficulty coming to peace with it 🙂

      We are having parallel lives, and we know that 🙂 Zack and S are so similar!

      Thanks Visha, for those consoling words 🙂 Hugs much needed!

  3. Hey GB, hugs… I can fully understand your feelings. I am so much like you when we fight, I too can’t sleep till we have talked it out. I think it is too Much of work pressure, if you Have too much of work at office then go slow at home. And of possible take a break. And hey, you are getting a lot of headaches, go to a doctor.
    The apple crumble recipe is too inviting, I am going to try it out.

    • Thanks for being there ZM 🙂 Hugs!

      I know I need a break, have not been feeling so well. Also as AM mentioned, its the PMSing thing too, which seems to have caused me mood swings.

      I will definitely try to go slow at home. lots of headaches and me go hand-in-hand 🙂 consulted multiple doctors.. no use.. its mainly bcos of the sinusitis 😦

      Do try that out and let me know how it came out 🙂

  4. First things first, though I didn’t get time and opportunity to comment on your last two posts but I have read them and the bottom-line stands… I ♥♥♥ that baking dish…it’s gorgeous.

    I hope you are feeling lot better after sharing it here. Hugs GB… I can totally understand your state for I too react in a very similar way. Anger brings tears to me faster than pain does 😥
    Take care sweetie

    Love the golden crust on top of the Apple Crumble…yummmmmmmmy 😀 😀

    • ME ME ME… you know how happy I am to see your comment, thank you so much!! 🙂 I know and completely understand what is keeping you busy, take care! I want ME and Pari to be happy always 🙂 And I know you will love it.. somehow had the feeling that, you will like the baking dish 🙂

      I am felling much much better ME. Thanks for the hugs.. tight hugs right back to you! I think we have already spoke abt how our anger affects us.. hugs ME!

      Getting such a compliment from you, is like getting showered with flowers from sky 🙂 Thankuuu so much 🙂

  5. Hugs, GB. I could relate to the first two paras of your post completely, for everything happens exactly the same way between me and the OH. 😐 Hope things get better for you soon.

    The apple crumble looks yummylicious, and the recipe sounds quite simple too. Will try it out sometime!

    • Thanks for the hugs TNGD, hugs right back to you!! I am already feeling much better, yet to patch up with S. I am sure he would have forgotten as usual. I must get over the guilt, which will take time.

      Glad you liked it, give it a try TNGD. I am sure you will like it. 🙂

  6. Hugs GB. The situation that you have described happens at our home too. I think sometimes the stress levels from our hectic schedule is responsible… nobody is at fault. As long there is understanding between the 2 it does not matters and I see that S is very understanding. So cheer up 🙂
    I am going to try the apple crumble this weekend maybe. Thanks for the recipe 🙂 And btw the butter that you use, is it salted or unsalted?

    • Thanks for the hugs LS, much needed! Hugs right back to you. Totally agree with you LS. Stress coupled with ill health made me do such thing. You are right – no body is at fault. S is really understanding and caring too. One person has to compromise in every fight. It happened to be S this time, since he knew I was unwell. Looking at comforting comments from blogging friends like you, I am cheering up but slowly 🙂

      Give it a try LS. Its very simple and Cheebu can help you too.

      Now thats a good question, I used unsalted cooking butter which we normally use for making cakes or cookies. Thanks for pointing out, I will update the post 🙂

      • hey do you use any particular brand of unsalted butter because I am finding it very difficult to find unsalted butter. I get it from one place here but it is actually margarine…. you know not the dairy based one. Will that do?
        I have been using it for my cakes and they turn out well but I wonder if the dairy butter would be better?

      • I just use the local butter LS. Its called “Nandhini” butter (Bangalore based Dairy company for milk and milk products). I have also used Amul cooking butter which is not a margarine. Did you try for it? I am sure Amul must be available?

        if your cakes are coming out well, then you can as well use the same for this too. Next time, I am going to try using cooking oil and see how it turns out to be. Will let you know, if it gets successful 🙂

  7. This time i thought I shud read the article before jumping to FOOOOD 🙂

    anger well I personaly hate being angry but I am a very angry person , I know seems odd and more of hypocrite but as you I get angry and to me it seeems justified 🙂

    HE is a good man 🙂

    • ha ha ha ha 🙂 your first line made me laugh so much Bikram Ji 🙂

      Even I hate being angry or getting angry for someone else’s actions. Its like I am punishing myself, by being angry. Being an angry person, I know how odd it is 🙂 For each, his/her own anger – it definitely feels justified 🙂

      HE definitely is a good man, and not an angry man 🙂

  8. You were stressed out that is why all this happened and I am sure even S will understand that. But I will share with you one thing that I have learned over time. Never react in a hurry, think a little before taking the anger route because sometimes we act without thinking and those few seconds come back to haunt us forever. 🙂

    And that recipe sounds simple and good. will try one day

    • Thanks for understanding this Smita, I am sure S would agree with this and forget it. I have realized this truth a few times. Every time, it hits me as an after realization only. I must somehow try to make it happen at the right time and not act in anger. Thanks for sharing the tip 🙂

      Do give it a try and let me know how you liked it 🙂

  9. You too GB? you are also a tortoise, eh? 😉 A co-incidence that we have written about this ‘shell’ thing on the same day! Most of the things in the first three paras could have been written by me, you know..I am exactly like how you have described yourself..Yes, agree that men are wired completely different and what I am learning is we(women) need to clearly state everything to them(men). They just don’t read our minds, how much ever we wish for that. I am saying this because I expect V to help me some times without me asking him for it but he just doesn’t get it. Only if I specifically tell him , he then does it. So..I guess we just need to be specific with them. And the ‘forget everything and be normal’ part is another thing I can never do. It takes some amount of time to get over it and that amount of time varies from person to person.
    Do get some rest, even stress can add to all this.
    Apple crumble looks very tempting. Should try this once I get an oven.
    Love this new template of yours..is the painting on the header done by you..

    • Looks like I am tortoise too 😛 yeah, its really a coincidence we wrote of it on the same day 🙂 Good to know that I have a company even now. Stress can do all possible things to a person, doesn’t it? Reading some of the lines, that you wrote here – it feels like you read my mind. Even I want S to help me some times, but I wont tell him and want him to understand. That sort of expectation never works. I know. Yet, my mind keeps thinking the same! Even I cant get over with any fight just like that, men are lucky to forget everything soon 🙂

      I am surely going to get the required rest Nith, Thanks 🙂

      Pls pls try it soon after getting the oven.. very simple to try 🙂

      Aww thanks and glad you loved it 🙂 All the paintings are done by me 🙂 More details on the headers page 🙂 I am also sharing them as posts sometimes 🙂

  10. Were you peeping in through the window of my house to write all that what happens between us hmmmm 😛

    I agree with visha, men are mostly clueless abotu lot what happens inside the female brain so take a chill pill.

    And I have a big question for you GB. I don’t have an oven. I have a basic microwave with no convection or grill options. So my question is whether I should go for OTG or should upgrade my microwave to the one with convection and grill combinations???

    • hahahaha 🙂 🙂 Looks like we both were having similar incidents 🙂

      totally totally agree with the men-women differences, but the thing is at these kind of times, my mind just loses the processing power of the details 😛

      Aah,.. I am glad you asked this question Jas. I have baked using microwave (with convection n grill) for 2 yrs before getting an OTG. While you can still bake using the microwave, it definitely lacks the quality of products done over OTG. I can see pretty clear difference from the microwave baking and OTG baking. The lovely golden crust that you get in a cake or cookie will be missing if you use microwave. And with different power settings, you need to be extra careful with microwave. A cake can become a brick very easily, in seconds. Microwave is the best for ordinary cooking, re-heating stuff. Baking and Grilling – OTG is the best. I am speaking from my experience 🙂 Let me knw if you need more info.. I am more than happy to help you decide 🙂

  11. Ashoooooo gbieeeee – Now, I am so sure you are feelign heaps better after such fabulous people wrote in 🙂
    Sorry for the delay gbieeeee – tomo, I will be ocmpleting my exam – yay yay and then am free for a while – I have so much to write to you ! Sooooooooooooo much 🙂 and BUG you ! 🙂
    S is a darling 🙂 Now that you are out of it and have doled out your obsessions and all, all I can tell you is to go indulge in them 🙂 These are little phases and they only make you love a person more, right? 🙂 It is more than okay to cry and let your glands do a bit of work. Gb come here you ! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs ! 🙂
    Okie, now I am waiting to eat something you make – If I was in B’lore, I’d have come into each of your homes and demanded lunch. Ya, I am courteous and shy like that 😛 I don’t kn ow if you will believe me, but I was craving for apple crumble badly for the past couple of days and told K to bring home some filled juicy goeey sweet. The worried-of-wife’s-health husby brings home extra healthy sponge muffin cheese cake that is super fluffy and light and very minutely sweet. Sigh ! I had to go out yest and so gorged on 2 Mc Donalds apple pies – what bliss I felt !
    Now, all I want is some puliyogare to wash the sweetness down. The games the tummy plays!

    • Kismi darlingggggg 🙂 I am feeling much much better today 🙂 But I am more than happy to hear on this from you!

      yay! yay! yay! Your exams are getting over 😀 Do write and lets talk a lot 🙂

      S really is very sweet, Kismi. I don’t how my life would have been, if I had not married him or met this guy 🙂 You are right Kismi. These are little phases and helps in bonding better.. but I was feeling very guilty and terrible yesterday 😦 my mistake.

      Thankuuuu so much for those warm hugs :):) Hugggggggssss!!

      How I wish you were in Bangalore, sigh! I would have loved to cook anything for you 🙂 Achooooo Sorry that I made you crave for it dear.. 😦 😦 Isn’t K the sweetest?!?!! He got you extra sponge muffin cheese cakes.. how sweet 🙂 I just got treated by S with a cake and some chocoloates..:) We have the sweetest guys:D

      Why dont you have some puliyogare mix at home? Make rice and mix it with the powder.. boom – you have the yummy puliyogare 🙂 I love MTR puliyogare mix 😛 Play along with your tummy and have fun 😀

  12. Oh Gosh…i missed so much ! I guess it was all building up and the last bit with S going without your cooked food (unaware of your agony i.e) burst it all up ! It’s OKAY to let go at times…to cry and pour it all out ! Hope you are feeling better by now ! Sending you good sunny bright days ahead 🙂 🙂

    • Right V.. it was all building up. If S took his dabba without saying a word.. the situation would have been different. I understood its really okay to cry, for it had brought us even closer 🙂

      I am feeling much better today and yippeeee its friday 🙂

      Aww thanks a lot sweetie 🙂

  13. GBbbb..First of all, glad to know that you are feeling much better now! I opened up your blog at office y’day and while I just started reading, had some intruders to my blog-reading time, hence had to close it (: And you know what ? I had exactly the same kinda argument-fight kinds situation with M last night, woke up bleary eyed, with head-ache and all that, opened up the PC to blog about it, and before I go to my space, read this post and ‘m feeling better that I’m not the only one to act in such a way..
    Dont ya worry , we are all very much normal, ok 🙂 and sometimes after a cry, we tend to feel a little relieved too , now that the well has been emptied..
    GB..the more recipes you write, the temptation to buy the OTG is increasing..I have started checking out models in the showroom:) All from a person who has very limited cooking knowledge and interest !
    Have a good day and a good weekend..Whats cooking this weekend? How I wish blogger has some sensory lobes that you can load up the smell and aroma of your dishes and we can open it up and smell them from here:):)

    • Ramyaaaaa… hugs hugs hugs 🙂 I know how it must have been for you.. we both have had similar experiences almost at the same time.. blogging about the issue has really helped me.. otherwise, how would I have got such warm comments from fabulous ppl like you? It really made me come out of the situation so well.. and yeah, it feels better to know that I am not the only one 🙂 I am glad, you could relate to it and feel much better too.

      Exactly Ramya. The well has been emptied and that makes the heart light 🙂

      Wow.. get an OTG soon!!! I am sure you will start loving baking soon after you start it 🙂

      Thanks a lot dear… wish you loads of fun during the weekend too 🙂

      Now thats a great idea… blogger with sensory lobes! 😀

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