My thoughts…..

These days I am so addicting to blogging. I know its good and I know my limits too. My day never starts without checking WP atleast once. I keep reading posts in between my work and it really helps relaxing my mind. But gone away from WP for nearly 10 days, I saw some withdrawal effects in the morning. Now why I was I gone? I was feeling sick and thus limited my presence to the bed only. Then travel to Chennai happened and luckily, I was feeling much better. But then, I had to attend full day training for 4 days this week which meant I cant touch my laptop – no not even to check the mails. Every break I got, I opened my laptop and my hands were itching to open WP. Thanks to the close team setup we had during training, three sets of eyes were looking into my screen! Everyday I will think of going home to check the updates.. to only find myself so tired. Today – the FRIDAY, I am back in my office and catching up with many of new posts. Aaah…. it definitely feels so good. This makes me go back to my initial statement – Is my addiction good? What if I miss my project timelines? But I know my limits again, just that I am being skeptical.


I really cant complaint about the training I attended. I enjoyed it so much so that I felt a bit emotional during the final hour. I have always been a studious, serious person all during my school and college life. I love learning new stuff and I love challenging tasks. I love sitting in a class room. I love training sessions. I have different kinds of friends.. some go nod their heads for all these points and then there are others who say.. this isn’t fun. I can get in with both these kinds of people.. But I personally enjoy learning, that’s more fun to me than anything else. The training sessions for the past four days, only made me feel so strong about this love of mine. I just miss the black board, duster, chalk and above all – my hero pen and my notes. *During college, my notes were photocopied and were spread across the class, the day before exams. Thats how much I love taking notes :D*


I just found that discipline in a person should come from within. No education qualification/ office rules/guidelines/advises can help. It doesnt matter, where a person is standing in the technical/managerial ladder, he will be respected only if he is shows discpline and role-models the same to others. Just to mention – I found some people in the training (who are way seniors to me) behave so undisciplined during the training. A person kept walking out every half an hour when the instructor was actually teaching something. Some kept checking mails and some were working with their laptops when the training was at a critical point. I know its none of my business.. but it really irritates me to see people not concentrating.


As the training was happening in a different office, I missed my friends – my comfort group during lunch hours. Good thing is I made some good friends during the casual conversations. I was having lunch with 3 other ladies – all married with kids. Every time a discussion starts, its either about the kids or their school or their play group and other things about kids.. Even if some other topic is being discussed, it slowly slips through and kids come into picture. Nevertheless to say, I had nothing to contribute. While I loved listening to their stories, my participation was missing. Made me feel out of group, leaving with the thoughts of how will I reply if I had my son/daughter 😉 😉 That really felt good 😀 I was also considered “newly -married” and “young” ha ha ha 😀


One thing I noticed in me was – I am not open enough to accept changes. Training being scheduled in a different office, I had to step out of my comfort zone. S had to bear my endless cribbing. My sense of security is getting lost, even with a minor change. I must really work on this, as I fully understand – Change is the only constant thing.


As it always happens with our every Chennai visit, mom and MIL stuffed our bags with many many goodies. As it was getting late, I was very impatient. I pulled the zip of my laptop bag so hard to close that it decided to come off 😦 Hurriedly, I take it to S who was downstairs. He tried his best to put it back  and actually ended up BREAKING it 😦 That being my favorite bag and having lots of stuff to carry, I was pretty worried. It was late Sunday evening, so we were sure, we cant get it fixed. We couldn’t find another laptop bag immediately as well. We somehow adjusted closing the bag with as many safety pins as we could find. On Monday, I was still very disappointed. S tried to console me saying, he will get me another bag. But me being me, wanted only that bag. Missed my “Do-It-Yourself” Dad that moment and I was sulking. One light bulb moment – I thought, why not I fix it? I have seen dad work on similar stuff number of times.. BOOM!!!! I thought of strategy, implemented it successfully – there I was – making my dad proud. My bag is as good as new again!! Me bragging endlessly about this achievement of mine to irritate S is another story 😀


Remember the Jugalbandhi Rolls? I came up second in the competition.. Missed the first place by just 0.2 points!! How I wish I had taken better pictures.. food photography is my next line of scope. I should definitely improve by end of this year.. Phew!! feels like I am discussing my development plan he he 😀


I have always been a person, who cant forget things easily. Past memories (bad ones) always haunt me. I can remember very minute details associated with any incident. But these days, I am getting more forgetful. Am I growing old or what?! With 2 silver hairs on the front and this forgetfulness, I can say I am reaching 55 in 25 😛 Just one incident to prove this – I am the one who takes care of booking tickets to and fro for our Chennai trips. S would ask for details only 2-3 hrs before our departure 🙂 Like always, I had only booked return tickets for last week. I had my e-ticket in the mobile, we find the bus and its ready to board. We show the ticket to the conductor. He says, our names are missing. Asking us to check the details, he moves on to next passenger. S is shouting if I booked for the wrong date, or for wrong timings. I have no clue. He takes a look at the ticket and we find, I have booked the AC bus but totally forgot about it and made him also believe booking was done for the ordinary bus only. Sigh!


I am facing severe withdrawal symptoms from the most favorite place of my house – The Kitchen. Sad isn’t it? I know! This has never happened to me. I have always loved cooking, my passion. But these days, I just wish if someone else can cook for me. As its not to happen.. I have to buckle up myself and prepare something.. the outcome is dull, boring and repetitive. I just wish its a phase! With the weekend coming over.. I dont want this to continue!


While I still have the withdrawal symptoms with the kitchen, it has not stopped me from buying new stuff for my kitchen. Visha was really really nice to show me some bake-ware available online and I ended up buying this baking dish.. Isn’t it stylish??? I laid on my hands on it only this morning and and and and I am already planning, what gets cooked in that 😀 The purple color adds to my excitement 😀

Aah.. as always.. it feels so good to write everything into this blog.. I think I have rambled enough!! Have a nice weekend folks 😀




24 thoughts on “My thoughts…..

  1. Ah! Good to see u back and so much information download in one post 😀

    I do not like trainings unless they are something different may be it stems from the fact that our compnay doesn’t believe in much trainings. And unlike you I have never been very studious or rather I have always hated studying 😀

    As far as no interest towards cooking is concerned, I pass thru that phase every now & then. Today only I was in no mood to cook anything but had to. Give yourself a break, order something for a couple of days and then trust me u will feel rejuvenated to cook again 🙂

    And congrats for the 2nd position 🙂

  2. I know what you were up to..was wondering where you were!
    Taking down notes is something I miss too 😦
    Grrr on those indisciplined people! Even I find that very they think good manners just don’t matter once they are out of school..
    It’s true..mommies just can’t finish any conversation without mentioning their kids..I too am guilty of that 🙂
    You actually fixed a broken zip! cool! Now I know where to send my jackets/ bags with broken zips to be mended 😉
    You missed by 0.2 points! But the dish really looked tempting and I have already booked my share of it when you prepare it, you remember, right 😉
    You are getting forgetful is it..are you by any chance P? I blame all my memory lapses to the time I conceived * hope GB doesn’t chase me away for asking her the P question*
    Some bake ware that is.. surely exciting..
    Wish you a happy week-end too 🙂

    • Totally loved reading this comment Nith 🙂 Thanks!! And you thought of me, so sweet!!

      You miss taking notes too? Same pinch 🙂
      I wonder how can these people behave so badly.. what kind of example are they setting for others working for them? Forget the team and office.. will they accept their own kids to be undisciplined and manner less?

      Send in the things with zip prob only… I need some practice too 😉

      You will get only those rolls first.. pacca.. okie 😛 I am glad you found it tempting.. but the judges thought otherwise.. though the dish that came up first looked really really simple, food photography was excellent!

      what what what!?! Me – P? No chance 🙂 But I am not chasing away one of my sweetest, long commenters – whatever be the reason 😛

      he he, I hope it would be more exciting with the food.. 🙂

      Thanks dear 🙂

  3. Hey, I too love going back to the class room as a student once in a while 🙂
    Mommies talking about kids? haha I think rarely there will be an exception to that rule 🙂 All mommies love talking about their kids.
    That bakeware looks fab 🙂 I am sure you are going to put it to good use in the weekend 🙂
    Have a great weekend you too 🙂

    • Yay!! one more to go into the classroom loving list 🙂

      Yeah… I believe there is no exception to that rule.. I loved listening all their stories.. just that, I couldnt contribute anything 🙂

      Aww you love that bakeware too… thanks thanks 🙂 Will cook up something nice!

      Thanks LS.. enjoy your time with Cheebu too 🙂

  4. good to see you back GB 🙂 and the baking dish really looks awesome 🙂 share the website…

    I’m not too keen on stepping out of my comfort zone too but at times if the change promises fun and learning and meeting new people I put my positive energies…also after a quick while of resistence I find myself coping well with the new place/things and people !

    Oh so you weren’t well? 😦

    congratulations for coming 2nd 🙂 YAY…

    ditto on remembering each and every detail of things long gone by 🙂 It’s sometimes good but sometimes it proves to be a bad habit !

    • Thanks to you sweetie, you made me write this post! 🙂 And you liked that baking dish too? I got it from fab furnish.. here is the website – but unfortunately, they ave removed the brand from their website.. not sure why 😦 This is ROXX product.. hopefully they will add it in the future.. I found it real cheap – its only 125rs.. and shipping free! I will let you know if I find this again.

      Change frightens me too Scribby.. it works the same with me too., just like you have described here 🙂

      Nothing big Scribby.. ordinary fever and cold.. due to the climate change 🙂

      Thanks a lot 🙂

      I most of the times find it difficult..the memories keep haunting me as I said.. and since I cant forget easily.. my dreams would be filled with horrifying scenes.. I wish I was more forgetful! Same with fights too.. I can never forget the arguments we have.. S comes around easily.. but I keep dwelling on those arguments!

  5. Good to have you back GB. I was not that studious in college but school yes 🙂 and trainings always bored me. I am more of a hands on person you see 🙂

    Stepping out of comfort zone is indeed difficult and I too would have cribbed. But with change, one also gets to test the limits and I think in that way its good.

    Hope to see you more and more on WP and your baking adventure too. I loved the baking dish. Tell me about the site please 🙂 and bake something great soon so that I also try it. You know after you put up the recipe for Mango cheese cake, I tried it by following it to the tee and it turned out yummmmyyyy… Before that, I always used to think something like this is not my cup of tea so your recipes make even the difficult things look easy 🙂

    • Thanks Jas 🙂 I know many people too who were so studious in school but not much in college.. College can be fun.. but we shouldn’t let it go out of our hands.. some of my classmates took 2 yrs to clear out their arrears..

      I am more of a hands on person too.. but theory doesnt bore me.. as I tend to imagine everything from the class material and my thought process keeps me busy 😛

      Agree with you Jas! only with change, we will test our limits and its for one’s own good.

      I will definitely try to be more on WP 🙂 You loved the baking dish too? cool. I got it from “fab furnish” and brand is ROXX – its a ceramix dish – which gives the flexibility of using the same dish in an OTG as well as microwave. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will give you more details later. I got it for real cheap – its only 125Rs + NO shipping charges. I tried to find the product for Scribby yesterday and I saw they removed the brand from their website.. not sure why 😦 But there are other products you can take a look at –

      Jas.. you really dont know how happy you made me with your comment 🙂 You tried the mango cheese cake and it came out well? I am so so happy 🙂 Atleast for you.. I am going to try something now 🙂

      • oh no no. I cleared my exams on time and even got a distinction 🙂 Its just that I stopped being studious all the time.

      • Aiyo no… I didnt mean you… all I wanted to convey was.. Its okay to be not studious.. but one shouldn’t go off limits.. 🙂 You are a perfect example for that 🙂

  6. Gb I really missed you a lot on this place 🙂 it feels sp good to see a new post on the friendly familiar green wp page 🙂

    I am at a loss for what to say. I will end up typing your post only.
    I can so understand how you feel about training. I love the training where they also have lots of practical hands on and interactive trainers as well. I love the new people, the new lessons and the stationery that comes along. So kiddish no ? 🙂

    I understand the cooking withdrawal gb. Just a small while. Because you have been so into it, give it a while and you will be back with a bang.

    Arey gb, I have been meaning to email you about the rolls. I am just so happy for you! Hugs. Can you hear me screaming a big big yahoooooo from here to there ? 🙂 you are such an awesome cook and true lover of the kitchen 🙂

    Baking dish looks great. Nice of visha 🙂 now have to see What will come put of it 😉

    Ya, people who don’t respect training are found everywhere. While I find it amazing at times, I just try to tell myself that not all will enjoy what I enjoy. Sigh !

    Gb gb, so glad to have you back, you better stay addicted to blogging, okay va? 🙂

    • Kismi Kismi Kismi Kismi… you know I love you so much right? I love you thisssssssssss much 🙂 🙂

      yes yes yes.. I love the stationery.. new people and interactive trainers.. I also love to introduce myself 😛 Its gives a nice break from the working monotony.. 🙂

      Hopefully I will gain back my interest in cooking Kismi 🙂 Right now, I am in a stage where outside food bothers me and cooking seems uninteresting.. most of the times, I am only half filled, leaving me cranky and who is the bearer – S again 😀

      You thought of writing to me on those rolls? Ahh so sweet of you.. hugs!! Thanks a lot for your encouragement 🙂

      Thanks to Visha, for suggesting that site.. i grabbed the last piece of that bakeware 😛 Wait until Monday 🙂

      Exactly Kismi.. I wonder why some people behave so badly.. and if its so uninteresting to them.. why do they even have to register? Its not like college now.. where they are forced to attend classes everyday.. But in a corporate environment, they would sign up on their free will.. if so, what makes them behave badly?

      I will Kismi, I will 🙂

  7. Hey, even i am addicted big time, but if you can control it and know your limits then it’s not bad. And i am sure, you are not going to miss your project deadline because of blogging 🙂

    Great to know that you enjoyed the training. In college, i was exact opposite to you. but somehow scrapped through (Thanks to my friends who ensured that i study at least during preparation leave, they even used to make study time table for me and used make me follow that)…

    I agree to you about discipline, and i respect people who are self disciplined…And people disturbing the class because of their phone calls are a big turn off.

    You repaired zip of your bag!!!! you are really great!!! so what all goodies were there in your bag?

    Wow, you are seriously giving me complex!!! you have sharp memomry!!! I am to bachpan se forgetful, i can’t remember anything and have to put reminders on my phone for everything. My mom makes fun of me saying that why don’t you put reminder for eating and sleeping also?! But surprisingly, i remember some of the things that are other wise difficult to remember, i probably have selective memory loss syndrome or something 😉

    Congratulations for the Jugalbandhi rolls :)Hey, i am sure, you will do great with food photography also 🙂 All the best…

    And don’t worry about the withdrawal from kitchen, i am sure once you are less tired, you will rush back to kitchen to conjure up new and magical dishes 🙂

    • ZM.. thanks thanks thanks for the comment 🙂

      I love the way blogging works ZM.. I am so addicted to that these days.. he he he.. if I miss my project due to blogging.. that will be like my worst nightmare coming to reality 😛

      Aaahh you have nice friends.. who prepared time table for you and all 🙂

      Yes ZM.. cell phone is another big problem.. We can hear all sorts of noisy, loud ringtones.. in the middle of the class.. a big turn off!

      Yeah..I did I did, if I show it to my dad, he would still suggest 101 improvement.. buts its okay.. I did it on my own 🙂
      Goodies eh… home made sambar powder, molaga podi (idli/dosa chutney powder), fresh garlic, rice (we bring rice from Chennai) and coconuts 🙂

      Sharp memory is both boon and bane at the same time ZM.. believe me.. it wont be easy all the time.. some bitter memories become very hard to forget.. they sometimes give me sleepless nights.. How I wish I can be forgetful like S 😛
      LOL on your amma saying reminders for sleeping and eating hahaha 😆 but you do remember certain things, thats the brilliance of human body 🙂 LOL again on selective memory loos 😛

      Thanks ZM, with encouragement from friends like you, I know I will improve 🙂

      Weekend was much more better, so I believe my withdrawal was only temporary 🙂

      Thanks again for taking time to write this out 🙂

  8. Hey there! Good to see you back! Hope you had a great weekend, and are feeling better now. 🙂

    I can totally understand the kitchen withdrawal symptoms. I get them too. I sometimes wish someone would cook for me, but most of the times, I like to cook for myself and the OH.

    The bakeware looks lovely. Wish you many happy times with it! 🙂

    Congratulations on winning second place in the contest! Those rolls were definitely prize-worthy! 🙂

    I am going through a phase of insecurity too. 😦 I know, it needs to change.

    About the notes in college part, I can totally relate to what you are saying. I was like that too. I used to prepare systematic notes of all subjects, and people used to pass exams just reading through them. My notes were photocopied and glanced through just before the exams.

    Glad you enjoy training sessions so much. Have you ever considered teaching? It’s a great field to be in. I don’t think I have the aptitude for it, though.

    It bugs me to no end when I see people disrespecting others too. For instance, not concentrating when someone is taking the pains to explain things to you after a lot of preparation.

    • TNGD…… what a coincidence.. I just read your “Watermelon” now, was about to comment and here I see your comment 🙂

      Weekend was good and I am definitely felling better 🙂 Hope you had a fun weekend too!

      Ahh.. Its the same with me too. I only wish someone cooks for me.. I cant even let S cook. I would end up cooking for both of us. I feel how I can have two conflicting thoughts.. 🙂

      Thanks.. I made up something using that during the weekend.. more on a separate post 🙂

      Thanks again TNGD 🙂

      Hugs hugs.. hope it changes soon!

      Same pinch on the notes 🙂 Many of my classmates, who never spoke to me also had my notes photocopied.. 🙂 The day before exams.. its all usually very crazy.. all they need are the notes.. it didnt matter from whom it came 🙂 I am going to find my college notes, next time I am at my home 🙂

      Teaching is one of the things I had been wanting to take up seriously. I teach classes within my team.. like for the new comers.. but I always wanted to take up something seriously 🙂 Even I am not sure If I will fit in, TNGD. We should give it a try.. what say?

      True TNGD.. when someone is taking so much effort to make the class lively, it should be respected. And if you are not interested, no point in sitting in the class.

  9. oh full training.. yes i tool feel that some of the higher officials really lack discipline..

    withdrawal syndrome for cooking?? good it not with any person.. :)..

    so now i can expect new dishes from you too.. let that be a good start for ur mood.. and visual treat for us too..:)..

    • Yeah I agree to you AM.. Higher the rank, lower the showcasing of values.

      ha ha ha .. 🙂 as of now its only with the kitchen and cooking 🙂

      Yup.. wait for my next post, you can see what I had been upto this weekend with cooking 🙂

  10. I am certainly late here..but you know the reason 😉

    so you finally purchased the bakeware…cool…I thought you would have gone for the ramekin 😀

    Coming second in any competition is as good as first GB 🙂 Kudos to you!!!

    I want to comment on so many stuff you shared here..but seriously, I am too tired ( you can read lazy 😀 ) to type them here 😉

    • I am happy you still commented dear!! *knowing how tired you are*

      yes yes yes.. thanks you so so so much! I loved this more than those ramekins 🙂 I have 2 kinds of cup cake moulds already.. so, I thought I will go with this first.. not that i dont have a square baking dish… to say the truth.. i loved this color and the design 😀

      Aww thanks Visha 🙂 🙂

      ha ha ha ha 😀 I can totally understand!

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