The No-Camera days

We are family of photo-loving people. We always were. Sometimes when I go looking for something in the dad’s closet, I will find a very old picture of him – in black and white. At times.. I would find a pic of mom in her teens – in black and white, saved by dad. We have some small old albums, where the photos are stuck on to the paper in the album, on all four sides.. like being plastered in the center of a big paper. I can identify the faces and their expressions.. clearly though its all black and white. Parents wedding was not covered on tape, only pictures. Every time I take a look at those pictures in that small album.. I pay a close attention. Love to look at the expressions of different people there, apart from my mom and dad. Then there are these two or three small albums with all our childhood pictures.. Most of the times, like in difficult times – I keep staring a picture of my parents still in their twenties, beautiful or my sister.. a little doll in her childhood. Looking at the kind of clothes my parents dressed us and those accessories they felt would look good on us – I will forget all my worries and will be taken back to those beautiful childhood memories.. those days of no fear, no worries and no hurdles. Photos do that magic to me. I love looking at pictures, they take an important place in my life. I do love getting photographed too. Ask my family and friends, how crazy I am with getting myself photographed or having a camera with me all the time to keep taking shots and shots . My family takes the second place in that list. We all love being photographed 😀 My pedhanannagaru (dad’s brother) will dress himself up in a  minute, if he sees someone photographing. He would ask the person to show him that pic, like a million times. See thats how the craze is. 😛

It all goes back to the days, we never had a camera. I mean the basic one that worked with film rolls and all that. The only one in my family to possess a camera was my uncle, who felt so proud of it. He had a big lens and stuff, he being a professional photographer too. He would always show off with his camera, taking pics of people or things that he loved only. Nothing wrong about it, except that my dad and pedhanannagaru would request him to take some family pics many times to which he would give a deaf ear. At times, I remember dad buying 2-3 film rolls for uncle so that he would take some pics of us. Each time, I look at our childhood photos – I think of what made dad to almost beg that uncle who never was humble? At times, I feel thankful I have my childhood pictures.. a whole lot of them to cherish. Being a photo-loving person, it makes a huge difference. Things started to change, when I and sister kind of understood what was going in background each time uncle agreed to photograph us. We put a stop to it, until we could afford our own camera. There is this period in my life, where there is no trace of how I looked – as we didnt request uncle for the photo session. Thank God I still have my annual school photos from every year 🙂

Dad used to get “festival advance/bonus” twice an year – Sankranthi and Deepavali it was. We used to make elaborate plans with that money. Camera would always be on budget.. we would dream of all the pictures we could click if we had our own camera. Dad used to surprise us on a Sunday saying we would go shopping. Yayyy!! Everything would be completed as fast as it could be at home and we would head towards the market, in our cycles. Yes, our BSA Ladybirds and Hercules loaded 🙂 Dad and mom would make us select our dresses – 2 or 3 per person and there, all the money would be spent. Without even getting anything for both of them.. they would get us as much as they could and camera wouldnt feature in that list anymore. We never complained. We just kept on dreaming. We had to make do with dreams only until we finally got a basic camera in my first year of college. We couldn’t afford a 1500bucks worth camera for those many years. My parents always prioritized their needs and so were we. The joy of holding the camera for the first time in my life, I really cant explain it in words. There are many other things which we possess in excess now. But  we know the worth of each thing we own now, as it was once a distant dream. Whenever dad could afford, he used to get us a film roll and one should see the happiness in our eyes. Those pictures are priceless now. The most important thing being the look on my uncle’s face, when he saw us with the camera, of our own! He listed a really long list of what our basic camera couldn’t do compared to his. It was not important for us, all it mattered was how this camera belonged to us. I became the official photographer (with our camera) in the family functions. Pedhanannagaru would praise me, every time a picture turned out good. My uncle couldnt accept this in anyway, but it was his problem.

Things took a turn, when I joined work. In September 2008, we had a discount sale for cameras in my office, exclusively for the employees. Without taking a second thought, I went ahead and bought our first official digital camera – Sony, my fav. I also got a tripod as a free offer. My parents treasure it like its priceless even now. We have taken loads and loads of pictures with it and guess what, getting a family portrait is never difficult now, with the tripod 🙂 I will be loaded with my camera, for all family functions giving away free copies of DVDs later on. I dont even want to mention how my uncle reacted this time. It wasn’t pretty good. More than anything, dad loves taking pictures. He would give the professional photographer a run for his money, with him going any extent to take a good picture. In my best friend’s wedding, he gave the photographer a very tough completion by climbing on a chair placed on the table to capture of moment of tying the knot 😀 I am planning to get him a handy cam soon, as a surprise 🙂

I share a unique bond with my pedhanannagaru, in the love for photographs. We both would do whatever it takes to get pictured. He would never be satisfied with any number of his pictures and so am I. But he never could have a camera for himself. Two years back, I suddenly made up a trip to my hometown and thought of surprising him, of course with a camera. I reached his place at 2 in the morning and gave him his present. My 60-year old pedhanannagaru had tears in his eyes, first I made a trip all my myself to see him and next to hold a camera of his own. One of his lifetimes wishes coming true! 🙂

It all might sound very silly and petty, but camera and photos hold a very big place in my life and thus this post 🙂 Having said all this, I must also mention about S’s patience. He can spend hours to take a good picture which satisfies me. In this 1.5 yrs of married life, we have taken many trips – long and short. Trust me, all those picture folders have like 200 photos of me for 1 (just one) pic of his 😀 Am I not photo-crazy!?!? 😛

Leaving this post with my fav pic –

Me me Me – with my pink ballon 🙂 photo credits – my uncle





41 thoughts on “The No-Camera days

  1. hey GB, u are super cute.. yes u r right.. after seeing ur photo i thought of the style of those days from ur dress, footwear and the two pony tails.. yes pictures talk a lot.. i still like good old photos 1 ot 2 to now a days click anything digital pics.. hard copies are better in photographs.. :P..

    • Awww thanku so much A 🙂

      yeah.. that style was very dominant those days right.. and those brown boots to go with the dress and I dont remember making taking a side part with my hair.. never.. she will always take a part in the center. So.. this pic is very close to me 🙂

      Yeah.. those days.. we clicked each pic very carefully, for not missing a photograph. With digital cams now, we just click pics and not many are interested in printing and making an album 🙂

  2. I am a fellow camera-photo lover too. My family has a huge trunk of pictures we often take back and smile at.Me, being the menace I am made my brother scan loads of them and mail to me here. I look at the pictures and think what I would have been dreaming then of. My mom is still not out of the album mode and even now insists on making an album of her favourite digital camera clicks!

    Every family has people like your uncle, I should say!

    I really enjoyed reading this post 🙂

    • Glad I found a fellow photo-lover 🙂 I can relate to almost everything you have mentioned in this post. I made my friend, scan all my albums for me 🙂 Going back to that dream land feels so good isn’t it? I do it so many times.. I think of how we got ready, what was going through our minds during the photo shot and all that 🙂
      Aww you mom is so cute, to insist on albums 🙂 My mom has made it a ritual to see at least an album every day 🙂 Never gets tired of seeing the same photos everyday!

      ha ha ha 🙂 you had a similar uncle too? I disliked him to the core 😛

      Thank you so much Arch 🙂 Welcome here and hope to see you more often:)

  3. cute!! was the snap in a studio? and you are standing on a stool 😀
    I remember some incidents from my child hood too after reading your post. How my dad had borrowed a camera once from his friend to click pictures of us..ah! those days 🙂
    How sweet of you to gift your uncle with a camera! Enjoyed reading this post.. Here’s to lots of ‘clicking’ by S and ‘posing’ by you 🙂

    • Thank you so much Nithvin 🙂 🙂 Ahhh… I am not too sure of it! *thinking how I missed asking mom abt this all these days* looking at the set up, looks like a studio.. but I have many pictures on a stool.. so.. can be my home too.. with that curtain set up and all that..:P

      Yeah.. those days.. I will always feel so good dreaming about my childhood days 😀 Your dad was so sweet, in doing that 🙂

      I love him and my periamma like my own parents.. 🙂

      thanks and glad you enjoyed this post, Nith 🙂 Awww thats so sweet of you:D

  4. This is such a sweet post. Reminded me of my young days when we had a camera but there was a crunch of money which meant rolls & processing sounded expensive so camera was used very judiciously.

    But honestly speaking I have never been fond of getting clicked, in fact I squirm when I am being clicked but yes I do love taking pictures 🙂

    And u look so cute in that pic 🙂

    • Thanks Smita 🙂 that very much was our state even after having the camera.. the rolls were developed only when there was extra money for a month 🙂

      Ahh.. thats right opposite to how I react 😀

      Thank you 🙂 🙂

  5. I like clicking a lot, its the getting clicked which I am not fond of 😛 😉

    Loved this post GB, it smells of innocence and the charm of the old days. We used to own the basic Kodak model for a long time. Every time we went for a small tour, the anticipation of the processed photos coming home neatly in an envelope was more than the vacation itself 😛

    With the advent of digital cameras, I am missing the joys of touch-and-feel photos 😦

  6. LOVED this post, GB. 🙂 I can’t say my family is camera-crazy, but my dad loved to take pics of me at a studio periodically. Now, they are such sweet memories of the past. 🙂

    I can relate with the not being able to buy a camera for forever part. Even we went through that. I got hold of my first camera (the film roll type) when I was in college. I treasured it like anything. I still have the pics that I took using this camera, and they are precious. 🙂

    Then a couple of years after I started working, I got my first digicam. It doesn’t work now, but I used it to the max. And, last year, I got my second digicam, which is just superb. I love it. 🙂

    • Thanks so much TNGD 🙂 I can totally get the precious memories of the past – part 🙂

      Aah we share this similarity.. what a coincidence – to have first camera- the roll type one.. during college 🙂

      I know you love taking pictures and you are superb photographer 🙂 Let the love for photographs and cameras continue!

  7. I’m one photo crazy too and like you mentione the husband really sticks to the camera unless I’m happy with the outcome 😛

    The camera less age was different too…but now that the camera are in plenty and everywhere I still can’t get enough of clicking…I do take a lot of interest in nature photography whenever and however I can…some day I’ll take professional lessons 🙂

    and that litte girl with the balloon really really looks so sweet 🙂 waise I would love to see the grown up version of her 😉 what say 😛

    • One more photo crazy person and a kind husband who is very patient 😀

      Wow… you take a lot of interest in nature photography.. thats great! Would love to see some of your clicks and cant wait for you to take professional lessons.. You are the most ambitious person I have ever met! 🙂

      That little girl is saying – thank you so much 😀

      For the grown up version, wait until you get a mail from me 😉

      • now that you’ve massaged my ego by saying sweet things for me 😉 let me show off a little more here,what say? 😛

        Not only professional photography lessons..I also intend to take up Interior Desgining and Guitar lessons 5 years down the line 🙂 yes all planned mentally as of now…let’s see if luck sticks to my side 🙂 and I leave HR and become a freelance Interior Designer 🙂

        now come on say some more good for me 😉 lol *how cheap I can get no? 🙂

      • Wow… Interior designing and guitar classes – two different paths.. and what? you have planned them for 5 yrs from now.. super Scribby!! I am so glad I know such a motivated and positive person.. you will surely be my inspiration 🙂

        Luck would always side those people who wish to bring their dreams to light.. and you would be my interior designer when I and S build our dream house.. deal?? 😀

        You are so cute 🙂

  8. Ah GB! Looks like every comment of mine here should start with “You are so cute GB! ” 😀
    You are so cute GB! hehe..
    Loved reading this, such a sweet post. With all these digital cameras, we hardly develop/print the pics . Having a hard copy gives a different feeling altogether!

    • SS… My every reply should start with ” You are so so sweet” 😀

      You are so so sweet dear.. Thanks a lot 🙂

      These days there are 100s of photos in each folder.. and there is no way, all those can be printed.. I do miss the feel of having hard copies and much more – the negatives!

  9. Tight hugs to that cute darling with a balloon in the photo 😀
    We too are a photo loving family. I too have had many albums full of my childhood pictures but they are a thing of the past (after I lost all of them with everything else at the hands of a monster).
    Loved this sweet post that brought many beautiful memories 🙂

    • Tight hugs right back to you ME 😀 Thanks a lot 🙂

      Yay!! Another photo-loving family 🙂 I am sorry to hear all your albums are now lost.. 😐 Let forget that monster!! I am sure you are saving Pari’s pics, that will sure be a treasure for her when she reaches her adulthood 🙂

      Thanks again ME 🙂

  10. Gbiieeeeeeeee 🙂

    I read your post long back. So true and I agree bigtime with all that ! I remember us subscribing to 5 years of Outlook and waiting for the Fuji cam to come as a gift because papa had told me that I could keep it. I rmeember looking at it and just admiring it for 2 full days (without studying) excited at the prospect of clicking away at my school farewell. Such memories you revoked gb….. You feel such a sense of awe and nostalgia grip you sometimes, no? Almost as if , you wish that it was all going t0 happen again, soon 🙂 Gb, I just so loved reading this post gb. Can’t tell you how much!
    And you are so so so so adorable 🙂 the kutti gb 🙂 Oshooooo !

    • Kismi….. 🙂 Hope you are doing your exams well!! So so busy you are…

      Aahhhaaaa… I know how it feels to get the one that we desire..all of a sudden… I would do the same.. keep looking at it.. until I find myself accepting that it belongs to me.. 😛 he he.. you kept admiring it without studying? 😛 You know.. I did the same when we got our first color TV.. I had maths exam (annual) the next day and I didnt have 1 min of sleep. I was not even watching TV.. I was feeling all happy looking at the switched off one only for an entire night 😀

      True Kismi.. Wish I could just turn the clock backwards and go back to those days… 🙂 🙂 I am so happy, our thoughts are so alike!!

      Thankuuu so much dear! 😀

      • hehehehehe – you did that with your TV. Anyways you did not study – might have as well watched something 🙂 Crazy crazy Gbieeeee 🙂 I imagined that little girl with balloon up all night. Yes, with the balloon 😛

      • Hehehehee… I could have watched it, than staring at the TV.. I had book in my hand.. but all of my concentration was in TV.. That was in my 8th std.. when I was way too studious 😀 I had practised all my sums already but somehow.. TV made me stay awake all night 😛

  11. Such a cute pic GB 🙂
    We always had a camera (the roll one) at home as far as I can remember … yes, yes, my dad was a technology freak 🙂 And I still love going through our old albums at home. The oldest pics… some of them are very small sized b/w prints.. you have to really strain to see 🙂 But they have a charm of their own.
    And yes, I remember how judiciously we would use the camera rolls because they were so limited and the thrill of seeing the prints in our hands after the roll was developed… priceless!! Ah good old days 🙂 🙂
    In fact the first camera that I bought after getting a job was still a roll one only but had zoom function also… digital cameras were still expensive then. We bought our first digital camera just before Cheebu was born. But I am thankful for digital cameras now because I have been able to capture so many moments from her childhood in pictures and videos 🙂

    • Thanks a lot LS 🙂

      Aahh you had the camera.. thanks to your tech freak dad 🙂

      I love the b/w photos so muc.. yeah, they have a charm of their own.. some of the very old pics have a sepia tone too 🙂

      Those were good old days.. where we would be ready to wait more than a month to get those pictures take a form of album. priceless indeed 🙂

      Agree to your point LS.. with digi cams… we can save each of our wonderful moment for the future 🙂

  12. “200 photos of me for 1 (just one) pic of his” yes, you are photo crazy 🙂
    But you know what, you are a really really caring and loving daughter 🙂 Hope you keep bringing happiness to your family like this 🙂
    Hey the little GB looks really cute with her pink balloon 🙂

  13. I think you need to edit your url added to your username in wordpress…when I click on your name it takes me to ‘’ which I suppose is your blog’s old url ?

    and babes write write write new post!

    • Oh… thats not even my old url… not sure how it came up.. I will check it next time I am commenting…

      You asking me for a new post?! Awww… 🙂 🙂

      I had a post in mind, in the morning.. will write it up somehow before leaving office 😉

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