My thoughts are too clogged at this point of time, weekend hang-over syndrome eh? Its getting hard to have one elaborate solid thought, making me difficult to come up with a subject and a post on it. I am just going to jot down all those things I have been thinking, so this post might not make any sense (consider yourself warned!)

Daddy best-est moment: I have a hair clip which happens to be my favorite, for the past 5 years. I know I know.. its very old and all that.. but very close to me. During my visit to Chennai last weekend, my sister was playing with that clip and unfortunately it broke which made me so sad. She said she would buy me a new one, but no I wanted the one that was broken only. S also was not very helpful. Its a small clip, costing about 5Rs. But I couldn’t see it broken. Then came my dad into the room, not knowing anything of the drama that happened. Took a look at that broken clip and got it from me. I was gone from the place for 5 mins and when I was back, I saw him fixing my broken clip – just because I love it. Its now back in shape 🙂

Lost patience moment : Remember this girl from my office, who irritates me? Yesterday during lunch, I was again caught by her. I tried to be cool as much as possible. But when she tried to grab all my roasted potato fry, I just lost my patience and refused giving her not more than 2 pieces. Its all childish to think how this girl is making me behave 😦

Best food ever moment: Just because I had meetings in the morning, S painstakingly getting up early in the morning (he loves only sleeping next to food, so its a big thing for me to see him get up) to make rice with dal and potato fry – which happens to be my comfort food forever.

Most boring moment: When I have to take up not one or two but four online training sessions that has made my Friday the most boring one ever. All these happen to be such boring sessions, nothing technical. And I have to go through each page to have the course credit and additional problem being each page taking a minute or two to load up.

Wonderful moment: Received not one or two but 5 books from flipkart, that too within 2 days of ordering. This is the first time I am trying flipkart, so I am jumping with joy carrying those new books. Absolutely love their bookmarks!

Painful moment: Having a bad sprain on my neck right from morning and its making me hard to turn my face right or move it up and down. Hopefully it should go over by a night’s sleep.

Suspicious moment: Found I have an wound, more like a scar just below my chin which is very painful. It wasn’t there until yesterday morning. It neither looks like an insect bite nor some scrapping. I am yet to find out how it has happened. For now, I can say its looking so bad and pretty painful too (after I tried to remove it with a napkin mistaking it for some mark :roll:)

Comfy moment: To have a book in one hand with rest of the body nicely tucked in a comforter, lying on the bed reading that book while trying to watch television, when its raining cats and dogs outside 🙂

Blushy moment: With the morning rush and usual S’s (NO) observation skills, getting a compliment from him for the dull blue jean and black top this morning 😉

Happiest moment: Thought of having a relaxing weekend, with only 10 minutes left to end my official day 😀

Happy weekend folks!! Have fun and enjoy 🙂




23 thoughts on “Tidbits

      • Ohhh so cute of your Dad re…he is so adorable 🙂

        No, No it is ok to give that girl a piece of your mind, coz these ppl do not understand subtle hints !!!

        S is so cute…so take a vow not to complain about him in at least next 3 posts :-p

        These trainings remind me of my office days, when we use to just click on next-next and finish the trainings in 49 secs! which was otherwise of 1 hr 🙂

        Flipkart is so awesome….I love the bookmarks they send alongwith

        Take care of your neck…do not work on your lappy in wrong posture.

        Ehh how can to try to wipe ur wound with a napkin??? 😮

        Lucky Gal…reading books, comforter, watching TV, and above all rains….I envy you, all these things are luxury for me here in Gurgaon…horrible hot & humid weather with no rains here 😦

        I told U no complaining abt S for next 3 posts 😀

        Hope you had a relaxing weekend 🙂

        Uff feeling breathless after this loooong comment 🙂

      • Loved loved absolutely loved this long comment N 😀

        Thanks N.. He really is adorable 🙂

        You know what we did that day.. at the hand wash.. we just left her there and starting walking back fastly before she could catch us again 😀

        Who is cute? S eh.. and a vow from me to not complain abt him… he he he 😀 I will try 😛

        Hey.. I did the exact same thing, until I had to answer the quiz at the end 😀

        yeah.. Flipkart is so cool.. and so are their bookmarks 🙂

        I think its the wrong posture on the laptop.. will take care N, thanks 🙂

        I had no clue it was a wound 🙄

        What.. still no rains over there? let me send some from Bangalore for you 😀

        He he he.. I said I will try my best with it 😛

        Had a good weekend N.. hope you had a nice weekend too 🙂

        As I said it earlier.. felt so great to see this comment from you.. so sweet of you to take time in writing this 🙂

    • I liked this ‘moment’ post.

      5 books? Which ones?

      About the successful moment.. * ahem ahem * maybe you can ask S why it is there 🙄 🙄 🙄

      • hehe thanks Visha dear 🙂

        the books – only 3 out of 5 are worth mentioning here..
        1. Agatha Christie – Death on the Nile
        2. Siya Seth Decides to Die – from Smita’s book review 🙂
        3. Tuesdays with Morrie – from Kismi’s fav lines 🙂

        next 2 are only for me to fall asleep.. Tales of Suppandi and Stories of Birbal.. ok ok dont look at me like that.. I need to hear or read some nice stories to fall asleep.. S will never tell me a story like my mom.. so.. I am helping myself 😀

        About that suspicious moment.. S has nothing to do with it.. 🙄 🙄 thats why I am suspicious 😛

    • Yes yes.. I found it sweet too.. Pulled his cheeks to say him thanks 😀 Err.. I meant my dad here 🙂 And S.. its sweet enough to cook for me.. only that I wish the frequency increased 😛

      Thanks TNGD, wish you have great time too 🙂

  1. the mention of potato fry made me crave for potato….ah it made me lose all my concentration 😡 😥
    Dad’s are the bestest 😀
    I hope you have relaxed weekend with a book, yummy food, rains and fun 😀

    • ME ME ME.. Sorry sorry to have tempted you with the potato fry, make some soon and enjoy yourself 🙂

      Yeah.. dads are the bestest 😀

      Thanks a lot ME 🙂 Wish you have wonderful weekend with Pari 🙂

  2. Yay to Flipkart! I also ordered some 5 books in the last two weeks and their delivery time is really good! But when I was searching for some other book and comparing the price of it on * hold your breath* about 8 sites(I am that vetti these days 🙂 ), I found the price on Indiaplaza a bit cheaper..by Rs.10 …he he.. but ordered it there as I wanted to check their service..Let’s see how it is..the book will be available only late next month ..But Flipkart does rock!

    So sweet of your dad to fix that clip for you..

    Hope it rains this week-end here so that your comfy moment comes true 🙂

    Have a great week-end GB!

    • Yayy to flipkart!! 😀 same pinch on ordering 5 books as well 😀
      what what.. you compared prices from 8 websites? Super Nithvin!! do let me know how their service is once you have the book.. what an useful way of spending vetti time.. *going to learn it from you*

      Thanks Nithvin, have a great weekend too 🙂

      • Couldn’t resist commenting about the books you have bought..Did I see Suppandi tales & Birbal stories? Yay to me! because I have already started ordering Suppandi books and telling stories from them to S..Do let me know if reading those books does make you sleep.. then I can be assured that S can also fall asleep reading them when she grows up 😀 😀

      • Yes Yes.. Suppandi and Birbal story books are what I have got.. *shameless abt reading these at this age* 😛 Yayyy!! I am sure S is enjoying those stories 🙂 Those books are sure helping me fall asleep, rest assured S will love them when she grows up too 🙂 Or else, there are always other books 🙂

  3. i wish you have a fantabulous weekend re gb 🙂 sorry email is in order. Sorry sorry – will make up for it soon, okay ya?

    Hayyo cute S doing that for you and fathers are amazing ! 🙂

    I always always have suspicious marks and bruises – no idea how I get them. sigh!

    I ready our booklist – awesome re 🙂 so happy for you 🙂 Suppandi and Birbal – I would have bought them too 😛 and I so understabnd the hair-clip thingy gb. I am so so attached to “inanimate objects” too and can be a handful when I lose them !

    huuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs 🙂

    • Kismi…. 🙂

      How was your weekend?? Mine wasn’t fabulous.. but not bad as well 🙂 no prob dear.. take your time for the email.. I know you are busy..

      Agree on fathers being amazing.. 😀 It was a one day deal for S..I must let him cook 3 days a week 😛

      You know what.. S is reading Tuesdays with Morrie.. which I got for myself.. S hates reading books.. given this well known fact.. I am surprised.. when he reads that book every night for an hour.. 🙂

      he he he.. I am loving Suppandi and Birbal 😛 I must say.. Yayyy to us..for letting the child in us to be alive still 😉

      We are so so alike.. what more can I say 🙂

      hugggggggggggggggsssssss right back to you sweetie! 🙂

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