Five days of happiness..

Fifteen minute walk to office was no longer lonely – with dad accompanying me, carrying my lunch bag reminding me of the good old school days when he used to accompany me to school every single day.

House is not messy anymore (for a few days atleast) – no dirty clothes in the laundry basket, no evidence of dust, all the kitchen racks and utensils washed, cupboards cleaned, bed spreads washed and straightened – with mom going on cleaning spree looking at the condition of the  house just-cleaned-by-me.

Wardrobe and dressing table looked totally messed up – with sis looking out for my new stuff and trying them out.

Kitchen smelled wonderful and my tummy was never left hungry– with mom taking over kitchen and cooking.

House was no longer quiet in spite of the fact that TV was given a full term rest for the past five days – with all of us talking non-stop as if they was no tomorrow.

Hall was filled with number of packages and bags lying around – with so much of shopping me and sister did. We have got new hand bags, slippers, tops and we even shopped some sarees 😀

Oven was very busy baking many many goodies – with me trying to impress my sis with all the recipes that were a huge hit recently.

Husband was given a break from my constant talking/asking him to talk (read bugging :P) – with me targeting my mom, dad and sister for everything.

Many Volvo buses were boarded and many new roads were explored – with me taking my family on daily trips around the place all alone!

Different types of cuisines were tried – with all of us either eating out for dinner or preparing something fun at home.

Hundreds of pictures were clicked alongside the wild animals and during the safari – with all of us visiting Bannerghatta National Park. Parents re-lived their childhood especially with dad getting very excited to pose for snaps next to animals 😛

Each day ended very peacefully – with mom on one side patting me to sleep telling some of my very favorite childhood stories. (I still make my mom tell stories to me 🙄 I am child at heart you see, even after reaching 25) and sister on the other side.


Today I woke up to an empty, silent house with my parents gone back last night.. I am missing them terribly. It’s going to be a day or two before I am back to my own self.  And who knows I may go visit them this weekend again 😛


34 thoughts on “Five days of happiness..

  1. You lucky lucky girl 🙂 🙂 You had so much fun 🙂
    I could relate to all that you wrote… having your family to visit you at your home… total bliss 🙂 🙂

    • Rightly said LS.. family visiting me at my home.. yes… total bliss 😀 I am yet to catch up with your part-3 travel tales… will come there soon 🙂

  2. nothing in this world can equate the good times spent with our family especially when the family is all chattery (mine too) Infact it is much more fun when hubby’s are also a part of it and for a change u concentrate more on to ur parents than the better half,, :p

    I too am currently spending quality time with parents but my situation is totally different n having them now with me = nothing more to me in my life,,,

    Hv a nice time GB,, Family time is the best time!!

    • You have summed it up very well Deepsi… Nothing can beat the family time especially when the husband is also a part of it!! lucky we are 🙂

      Oh.. have a great time dear, enjoy!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Gbieeeeeeeee 🙂

    I am in a quandary – do I feel super doooooper jealous (what you will visit them again this weekend?) or feel majorly happy ?
    I’ll choose the latter 🙂

    Huuuuuugs Gb. So awesome all that sounds. really! I was checking your blog daily just to see if you are posting your amazing moments and then realized why would you blog when you have the world’s best people around you? (apart from me ofcourse 😛 )

    Seriously, loved reading this! Shopping bags, messed wardrobes, amazing lunches, walks with father that make you look forward to work, hubby around as well to pamper you and gape at how a girl becomes so overjoyed at seeing her parents and siblings, all the hosting and planning, and making a list of how you can squeeze in everything you cook well and show off to your mom 😛 – Bliss Gb ! May you always always have such wonderful times.
    – I have tears in my eyes now –
    Feel like packing my familyand bringing them here 🙂

    • You are very very sweet Kismi 🙂 🙂 hug.. big hugs okee?

      he he.. I was not even allowed to touch my laptop.. forget the blog.. I sneaked through some of my comments when sis was not around and got stares from mom & dad… he he he… 😛

      Its pure bliss… to have so many people around you to take care of you.. and dont even get me started on S… he felt so so relieved to have my mom with us.. half of his burden was taken away… and then my sis was also with me.. so.. he was a free bird! You know what excited him so much… having food prepared by mom… and most importantly… escaping from the dabba I pack for him 😛

      Awwwww… hugs hugs Kismi… sorry for bringing you tears 😦

      I wish that could come true…

  4. Awwww..Hugs GB..:-D

    I can relate to all the pointers u mentioned as whenever my parents visit, things are almost similar at my place 😀
    I am glad that u had a gala time 🙂

    Abt ur last para..i know what kind of void engulfs when they go back and u know u can always visit them to meet but it is altogether a different fun ‘when they visit ur place’…isn’t it!!!

    Cheer up sweetie 😀

    P.S. Did u recd my mail…i tagged u 😀 😀

    • Hugs Hugs N 🙂 🙂

      Its always super fun to have your family come to your home na… 😀

      Yeah… I just hate it, when the entire house goes silent.. every time I visit them for the weekend, my mom keeps worrying abt the void after I have left… Its only once in 3 months or 5 months for me.. its like once a month for her and I get to stay in my place only for a day… 😦 This makes me think… being distant is better than staying together for sometime and then coming away…

      N N N… I am so sorry.. I must have been crazy yest.. I read your mail.. also read your post… and forgot to comment! 😦 😦 I will definitely take up the tag and do it soon 🙂 now coming over to your place…

  5. Wow, GB!!! you guys had great time 🙂
    Do go to your parents’ place this weekend, they too will be missing you.
    and you guys did so many things, shopping, wild life safari, baking, eating out, shopping, cleaning, you guys have been on roll 🙂
    It makes you so happy to see your parents reliving their childhood days!!!!
    “Each day ended very peacefully – with mom on one side patting me to sleep telling some of my very favorite childhood stories. (I still make my mom tell stories to me I am child at heart you see, even after reaching 25) and sister on the other side.” This is the sweetest of them all 🙂

    • Hey ZM.. yes yes.. we had great time together 🙂

      You know what I loved so much in your comment… you have actually asked me to go meet them again.. super 😀 😀 I am planning to go.. but at the mercy of IRCTC tatkal 🙂

      Thanks ZM 🙂 Thats the best of all for me too…

    • Yes TNGD… Sometimes I feel it would better if they had not visited me at all… if their visit could give me so much pain later… and this feeling is only after they have left 😛

      Awww thanks 🙂 🙂 I will let them know!

  6. Wooooooooooow! now that’s called having a blast 😀
    Loved to learn how lovely, fun-filled, aromatic, yummy, and fantastic family time you all had… some pics GB 🙂
    I hope you get to meet your family again soon….they too would be missing you and busy talking and thinking about the great time they had with you and your hubby 😀
    Hugs to the little child in you who loves listening to bed-time stories 😀 😀

    • ME.. That really was a nice comment to read at the start of the day… made my day 🙂 Your words have magical power in them ME.. no seriously… I feel so better reading anything from you – post or a comment :): )

      On the pics… I will try to put up something today… I only have the ones clicked in the National Park.. No food pics.. as the food was pounced upon with no chance for a pic… 😀

      We are at the mercy of irctc tatkal online… I hope I get to meet them again 🙂

      Awww thankss.. Big hugs to you!! 😀

  7. awww I know this feeling 😦

    but 5 days of super fun,eh? Shopping and eating and chatting…OMG…spending time with parents is the best thing above all hai na?

    • Hugs Scribby 🙂 Its something all of us go through aft a super duper time with our closed ones… isn’t it?

      Yeah… 🙂 🙂 It was so good to stay in the comfort of so many ppl around… esp loved ones.. 🙂 Now it feels like those 5 days went off so soon… 😐

  8. Visit by your family is always super fun, no? But ‘Each day ended very peacefully – with mom on one side patting me to sleep telling some of my very favorite childhood stories. (I still make my mom tell stories to me I am child at heart you see, even after reaching 25’ on reading this I got scared..I hope S doesn’t read this sometime and ask (read bug) me for that at 25! 😉

    • Rightly said Nithvin 🙂 Its always super fun to have family around 🙂

      he he he.. 🙂 not all children can bug mom’s as frequently as I can 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed…BTW, does she expect you to tell her a story everyday? Dont worry, if her husband can cater to this need, she wouldnt bug you… In my case, I beg husband every night for a story.. and he sleeps off to glory 😀

      • not story dear..stories 🙂 one is just not enough for her 😦
        what!!! I certainly don’t blame your husband..story every night! OMG !! 🙂

      • yay! yay! like me! like me! Even I want stories 😀 Sometimes, I bug my mom or S (whoever is available) so much that they start with some story and end up with another as they doze off and I will be wide awake 😀

      • Are you and S some kind of soul sisters..over here, it is me or my mom who start with one story and end up with another while dozing off with the brat waking us awake by screaming to tell ‘right story’ 🙂

      • Awwwwww… so like me 😀 Even at this age, I will have no mercy for my mom or S – I can actually wake them up (read shake them out) to tell the story right 😀

        I can only say – Be prepared Nithvin 😀

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