The Weekend Story – Of Fun Night, Less Cooking and More Wandering…

My weekend just vanished. Thanks to the fun night, I was still in the hang over of it for more than half of the Saturday, doing almost nothing. Let me go about saying one more time how great my Friday evening was! It was worth ditching the husband 😀 (S- if you are reading this post, please skip this part as I have already told this to you like  101 times) The event was called the “Red Carpet”. Little did we know that the theme was actually based on the red carpet and we were given red carpet welcome. Imagine this – We walk into the venue and within 5 steps, we were photographed by 20 photographers from both the sides of the red carpet. For 2 mins, there was nothing but flashes from all the cameras surrounding us. Can there be a better entry into the venue? I was giggling like a kid, giving away poses to each person. 🙂 Felt truly like a rock star!! Next there were people handing over welcome drinks and snacks, with them walking over to us. I mean, I didn’t have to grab but I was offered 🙂 which was followed by greetings from chic looking girls. We are a gang of 5 girls. When we were just about to enter into the seating area, a very beautiful looking girl in a short dress came up to me and asked me to pose for a snap. I was surprised! My photo-loving genes immediately wanted me to head over to the podium and there, I was photographed again 😀 It was meant for the “Best Dressed Female” contest, it seems. Now, Neither was I dressed for the party nor I won it, but it felt great. Out of the 1000 employees, I was at least picked for the photograph 🙂 The event lived up to the saying All that starts well, ends well 🙂 It was a huge success and I had so much fun, comparable to that of a college days. There was jumping, singing, dancing and endless laughing. The show was hosted by the famous MJs of Radio One – Rakesh and Prithvi. There was never a dull moment with these two people hosting the show. Fun interviews, contests, questions and their open flirting added to the mood of the evening. We had some amazing dance performances from our own employees as well as from famous dance groups. The most shocking part of the show was when we saw a fashion ramp walk from our managers and employees. Very chic. Very neatly done. Very brave too. Food was served by Taj Vivanta – should I explain how good and yumm it was? The most exciting part of the show was when Kunal Ganjawala started singing. The DJ floor was opened and boy, it was so much fun. Ok, I didnt dance but I enjoyed watching others. He chose peppy numbers and hats off to his energy levels. He sang for more than 2 hrs – non stop! All-in-all it was a great show. Now, one may ask, what was S doing all alone? – he had some egg maggi and played games 🙂 I reached back at 11 in the night and special mention goes to the security that the lady employees were given. The shuttles went into each and every house to drop the employees and if the lanes were narrow (like mine) the security escorted the lady employee till home. While its a little sad state that these kind of security measures are to be taken, its feels great to be working for an organisation that is concerned about its less than 30% female population.

Most of the Saturday was spent in the dream land, telling S stories from the last night. I had also caught up bad cold due to the mosquito repellent sprayed in the venue which left me tired. I didn’t do much cooking this weekend. When I had no clue as what to make for lunch, Soppoi… Soppoi* came to my rescue. Quickly made rice and Keera Masiyal* – which happened to be the one of the favorites of S. My cold aggravated later during the day and we just ordered pizzas from Domino’s to save our tummies for the night (which I dont like to, but had no other go).

Ghee Rice with Keera Masiyal

Sunday started so much better. Or, may be it was just me making myself feel better as we had movie plans!!! Animated movie, that one and Madagascar – 3 in 3D it had to be!!! Oh Oh. I was just flying high with happiness that I wanted to spread the good mood around the house, so made Mutta Dosa*. Its one of the favorites of S. Quickly did some washing cleaning and got ready for the movie. Lunch shouldnt be more important when there is much more excitement awaiting in sometime. So, S made some Maggi while I was crying loads watching this week’s episode of Satyamev Jayate. Soon, we were in theatre and I was jumping like a little kid again. Until we reached our seats, there was no sight of those 3D glasses. I bugged S so much that I wonder if he will ever accompany me to an animated movie again 😛 We were given some giant glasses which made my nose heavy but, I was not complaining – Madagascar is it all matters now:D The movie was so so so good. Its a must for anyone loving animated movies as much as I do and 3D effects are so awesome. It felt so good to watch the movie with a theatre filled with small kids. Every 3D effect was echoed with endless “Awwwws” and “Wowws”. At some point of time, I heard the kids shout to their parents -” monkey ipdddiiiii pochi….” “Ayyyeee.. helicopter helicopter” The claps from those little hands were worth so much than the whistles from the grown ups 😀 Later after the movie, we went on a 4 hour marathon shopping 🙄 The house is getting smaller for all the things we are buying these days 😦 Came home to make some yummy potato fry and rice. I also got to try the Asparagus fry (for the first time, I could see Asparagus in a super market and I just grabbed it). I also got a bread tin and I baked my first bread yesterday and Tomato Bread at that!! yayyyyyyyyy to me!! It was decent enough for my first trial. I also made another french delicacy – Mushroom Quiche last night (my first again) and it turned out super good! This was my weekend guys… 🙂

Mutta Dosa

I am cheating here and putting up food that I made yesterday,  for I dont want to miss putting up my first attempts here 😀

Tomato Bread-

Tomato Bread

Mushroom Quiche –

Mushroom Quiche

*Soppoi Soppoi – Greens in Kannada (thats how I hear him call out)

*Keera Masiyal – Mashed Greens

*Mutta Dosa – Egg Dosa (Tamizh style)

30 thoughts on “The Weekend Story – Of Fun Night, Less Cooking and More Wandering…

  1. I am drooling at those pics…
    Give me your address and host me for a week at least with all that yummy food plzzzzz 🙂
    Your Friday evening sounds so much fun 🙂 Pssst… tell me when your company is hiring next 🙂
    And you saw Madagascar… we are planning to go this weekend. After reading your feedback I think Cheebu is going to have a great time 🙂

    • Thank you so much lifesong… Come stay with me for a month, I will shower you and Cheebu with goodies 🙂

      Friday evening was awesome!! haha, sure thing 🙂

      Cheebu would definitely love it, 3D effects are at the best!

  2. Whoa, your weekend was full of fun…Red Carpet event!!!! Seems like great fun 🙂
    And, your tomato bread looks yummmmmmm…..i’ve tried baking brown bread, but didn’t use the tin, so shape was all wrong (deflated type), i think i’ll buy a bread baking tin and try it again….

    • Yeah… great fun 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

      Thanks TM 🙂 Oh… I have never tried my hand at bread baking until yesterday… tin must be the problem in your case.. I got a small tin and it was quite enough for both of us. But even mine was not deep enough. So, my bread slices look small in length. Also, make sure the yeast is working well to have risen bread.

      Go ahead and try bread baking.. its not as tough as it sounds. 🙂

  3. Party, food, movie, fun… ‘Aur kya chaiye life mein’ !! 😀

    You are super talented re….You say this ‘less cooking’ 😮

    I think I should try few recipes from your cooking blog now…..:-)

    P.S. I love Kunal’s voice 😀

    • Yeah….. super awesome if life has only these things… Work, worries, pay check, house are all some things that make it miserable 😛

      Thankuuu so much N 🙂 ok ok less tension.. what I meant was – compared to the usual weekends, this is less in terms of cooking 😀

      please please, do try! I am honored 🙂

      I love his voice too.. super energetic he is.. managed with just 2 glasses of warm water… hats off to his attitude too 🙂

  4. That sounds like an awesome party!!! You arelucky to have such considerate employers….the last party I had attended from office had such bad food that I can’t even tell you….

    And all that pics are yummylicious and am on diet! Sigh!!!!

    You are a good cook. That bread looks verrry good.

    • Yes it was!! Smita, last year our party was also like that.. we stood in a line for 1 hour to get a dry roti and sad dal.. the place was more like a dungeon.. the performances were pathetic… the organising committee was bashed from multiple directions that they made such great arrangements this time…

      sorry sorry for tempting you!

      Thankuu so much Smita 🙂 🙂

  5. Gb gb gb gb,

    Loved this post, but this is getting usual – me loving your posts. You cook so well re gb 🙂 I can’t wait to visit you :p the quiche looks perfect. Hey my masiyal looks different. I must try your recipe 🙂 oh oh oh oh, the fun you had is enviable. Awesome you had a red carpet welcome And the photo thingy also. I would have felt on top of the world as well if I was chosen among all faces and all :p

    Read this long back but commenting now. Coz I read it from a smaller device previously. I must have read this post and drooled like half a dozen times already. Not fair I tell ya.

    • Kismiiiii… loved your comment 😀 😀 Thanku thanku thanku 🙂

      Come down to B’lore soon.. I will cook for you until you are 10Kgs heavier 😀

      Hey, then my masiyal is not the right masiyal at all.. share your recipe too. I am not very sure if I did the right thing… I have tasted this enough, so I just built up the dish from that.. 😛

      Yeah, awesome no! 😀

      haha, thanks Kismi.. so nice to have you around here 😀

  6. Woooooooooooow! now that red carpet party and all that posing for pictures, yummy food with superb hosting and singing itself tells loud and clear what an awesome evening you must have had 😀 😀

    Tomato bread looks awesome and so does the Quiche….love you more for the cooking you do 🙂

    Now this is called a blast weekend 😀

    • 😀 😀 It was an incredible evening ME, not the one to be forgotten!!

      Thanku Thanku ME 🙂 love you too, for everything you are!

      Yes, indeed!

  7. wow Red carpet Welcome, Party, Awesome cooking, Madagascar Movie, Hubby cooked Maggie… Hammmmm I am so J of u.. Just kidding.. I am sure u enjoyed ur ultimate weekend!! The food looks too tempting 😦

  8. I am totally jealous of your company…. boo…

    the grandest outing we had was a dinner at Aloft 😀

    You should post that pic here na..the red-carpet welcome one 😉

    I so wanted to see Madagascar, but all I got was the totally useless Prometheus…so Boo again 😛

    You know what GB….seeing all your recipes…I think you should apply for that program – MasterChef India…have you seen it?

    • Visha.. its only this year, it was so good.. I cant even explain how bad the event was last time.. we all had to stand in a Q for 1.5 hrs to get a dry roti and dal fry.. every other counter flooded with ppl who were literally fighting for the food. All this happened when the event was more like a “family day” cant even tell how parents and elderly ppl suffered. Correcting all their mistakes, this event was organised and it was a major hit!

      I haven’t got the pic Visha… 😦 They didnt collect our names or contact no.s then.. they just flashed the winning photo on the big screen and those ppl walked in. So, i am not even sure if I will get to see it 😛

      Prometheus is it? S was planning for it, but I went ahead and booked Mdagascar.. 😛 hey, do watch if possible.. only thing I hated was that it got over in 1.5 hrs… 😦

      MasterChef India va… naana…?!? Nalla comedy 🙂 I am not that versatile Visha..

      • I knew you would say something on that lines – illa pa comedy illa…maybe if some experienced person says then you will believe.. 🙂

      • 🙂 🙂 You made me so happy with your comment, I mean – MasterChef India.. and me!! I will someday take part, but before that I need to learn a lot 🙂

  9. what an event that was wow…red carpet and all that,yay 🙂 Kunal Ganjawala singing for the show? great!

    that tomato bread looks interesting…I shall try it!

    why oh why you are putting such tempting food pics 😦 send some for now!

    • It was such an awesome event Scribby… 🙂 But guess what is more happier than that… looking at your comments for many of my older posts 😀 You are so sweet!

      Do try it 🙂 It turned out good!

      Aiyoo… sorrrryy!! Next time, I am going to invite you and Chirpy over here… deal?? 😀

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