Tempting Friday!

Choco Cupcake with Oozing Choco Syrup!!

I am on highs spirits today. First, I made a fresh batch of choco cupcakes to share with my office friends who are so excited to dig in! Secondly, our company is organizing a fun night only for the employees tonight and we – a gang of 5 girls are going to have lots of fun! Looking forward to it 🙂 **for today, let me forget that I have a husband and am ditching him**

Happy weekend folks! Have lots of fun too 🙂


24 thoughts on “Tempting Friday!

    • Sorry for tempting you… 😦 But the recipe uses very less oil and you can skip the choc syrup to cut down the calories 😀

      Thankuu 🙂

  1. Gb gb nalla enjoy panningla ?

    Whatte cuppy cake ? I won a mini oven cum grill of sorts in a lucky draw that I wasn’t even aware of. May try some muffins soon :)) need your wishes :p


    • Kismi… super fun I had!! Will do a post on it :):)

      Wowww… Awesome Kismiiiiiiiii… Try try.. I am sure you are gonna rock 😀 all the best 😉

  2. Whoa, let me repeat it, you are very TALENTED…
    I mean the cupcake looks so so so inviting…..How did you make it? give recipe please!!!
    Hope you had fun on the party…..

  3. I am late to comment on this post. Hope you had fun at the girls-night-out. 🙂 It has been ages since I had one. Sigh!!

    That cake looks yummmyyyyyy!! **Drooling** You bake stuff like that for your colleagues?!! Do you have a vacancy in your office? I want to apply!!

    • TNGD…… 🙂 🙂

      It was super fun! Wish you get to have one soon 🙂

      Thankuuuu so much 😀 he he.. I do bake extra everytime.. we have a deal here.. once it will be my office friends and next time it will be S’s.

      Awww… you want to join my office for my baked goodies?! Why take so much trouble when I can treat you whenever you want? 🙂

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