Weekend Story- The one filled with cooking and cleaning

It was the weekend at home in Bangalore after spending 3 weekends in Chennai. That demanded so much cleaning and dusting. The house was occupied by spiders and cobwebs with Cockroaches took hold of the administration (they still are, even after so much cleaning/killing – not sure how to get rid of them). Had a loads and loads of clothes to be laundered and another truck loads of clothes to be folded 😦 All-in-all the house was close to a devil’s place for the last week still making it habitable for ppl like me with the help of S (what, he needs to come to rescue for killing cockroaches and other insects).

Saturday – Woke up pretty fresh at 6.15 itself 🙂 I started doing the clothes first, cleaning up the pooja room singing slokas in a high pitch – first I cant sing to myself and secondly in a lame attempt to wake up S. But who I am kidding? The husband managed to sleep until 9 even with loud noises (courtesy me 😛 ) Prepared breakfast of Idli-Chutney. Dried out the clothes. Pulled out S from the bed (what joy!) and had breakfast. I was planning for all the cooking that I intended to do for the weekend and found I didn’t have majority of the stuff needed which meant going for grocery shopping on a weekend which meant all the malls-hypermarkets-supermarkets-small-roadside-shops would be so so crowded in Bangalore. That is the last thing I would want to do on a weekend, but unfortunately if I wanted to cook to my heart’s content, I would need to shop and I was pushing out the idea. When it couldn’t have been more boring, got to watch Tangled movie. I love animation movies.. I love them totally!!! This is one movie I had been wanting to watch for the past two years and somehow it didnt happen… glad that I saw it and loved it. It was lunch time already and I decided to make a pakka Andhra lunch 😀 Came up with the below menu and we both enjoyed so much!

  1. Rice
  2.  Mukkala Pulusu
  3. Mudha Pappu
  4.  Potato Fry
  5.  Avakkai
  6. Curds

Mukkala Pulusu..

After taking a power nap, we were ready to hit the Hypercity for our grocery shopping. No matter what time it is, the fact is that the Bangalore malls and hypermarkets are going to be so crowded..Came back home exhausted but cooking is the energizer for me! I immediately started cooking some evening snacks along with the coffee. Made Cream of Pumpkin Soup (which was so so good) and Momos with Red Chutney (I loved it so much so I am going to make this often).

Cream of Pumpkin Soup…

Momos with Red Chutney

I started preparing the recipe of the weekend – Mango Cheese Cake immediately right after. I was so interested in the recipe that I could only think of it until I finished it. I was immensely satisfied with the initial results especially preparing the cream cheese also at home. Only downside is that the cake needs to rest in the fridge for 8 hours before we could dig into it, which meant I had to be patient. To take off my thoughts of the cheese cake, watched Kung fu Panda – for the nth time (for I love it so so much). The night was filled with dreams on my mango cheese cake only… with a slide show of yummy looking cake to a disastrous one!! Forgot to mention that I also got to eat some yummy Bread Omelets prepared by the husband for the dinner. I tell you, he would turn out to be an awesome cook, if he had little discipline and more interest 🙂 (Usually the kitchen would look like storm hit for any simple dish that he makes and I would end up cleaning for hours. But I can see him shifting :P)

Woke up with the only interest of checking on my cheese cakes and there they were, my beauties –

Mango Cheese Cake……

Loved these beauties 😛

Prepared breakfast of Dosa – Coconut Chutney and all I was waiting for was to take a bite of my cheese cake. It just melted in my mouth – just the way it has to be, yummy totally yummy! I remained sunken in the victory of my mango cheese cakes that I had forgot about the lunch. Quickly prepared Mushroom Fried Rice and Chinese Garlic Vegetable Stir Fry. S loved the fried rice while I was in love with my crunchy vegetables with garlic flavor. Sunday evening saw us go on shopping again (!) just to kill some time. Came back home exhausted again but what can be more refreshing than hot piping cup of maggi – simple and awesome. Again forgot to mention about the little cleaning we did in between all this cooking. Managed to kill some 9 cockroaches (hunt is on with the help of Mortein for the rest of their clan) and dusted the house. There is always some scope for cleaning – with my home, I dont know why!

Mushroom Fried Rice + Garlic Vegetable Stir Fry

This was our weekend – spent mostly at home with home cooked food and lots of TV 🙂

33 thoughts on “Weekend Story- The one filled with cooking and cleaning

  1. Wow! so much cooking. I am drooling looking at those pics. I have been wanting to make cheese cake for long time… and in fact have cream cheese sitting in my refrigerator for a long time now. Will surely try your mango cheese cake recipe 🙂 Thanks for posting 🙂
    We also spent the weekend chasing pests at our home. We had actually called for pest control and emptied our whole kitchen. But those people didn’t turn up 😦 so ended up doing the pest control ourselves 😦

    • Thank you so much LS 🙂 Please do try and let me know how it turns out to be 🙂

      Whats with these pests and this season… I am starting to feel so sick even looking at my home sometimes…. I can understand how difficult it would have been for you… first to empty up everything and then to clean yourself 😦 why didnt those guys come up? You should have bashed them!!

      • I don’t know why they didn’t turn up 😦 we even called them up before emptying the kitchen to confirm. The man there said that his people have left but eventually didn’t turn up 😦 They didn’t even pick up calls …
        Ya, hubby is going to bash them up 🙂

      • Too bad!! 😦

        You should have saved the pests and thrown them on their heads… 😛 (sorry, my evil mind took over ;))

  2. He he the joy of waking hubby up !!! For me its opposite..he gets the joy 😉 Oh that mango cheese cake is just sooo yummmmmmmm !!!! Just need a spoon right away !!!!

    • haha 😀 I love to wake him up anytime while he lets me sleep if he gets up first (I mean, that happens very rarely) 🙂

      Thanks V 🙂 Come over and you can have the cheese cake fully!

      • Oh Gosh as if the pic itself wasn’t enough that you gotta be so sweet to so sweetly ask me to do that 😉
        he he he if i could u wouldn’t have time to take these pics even 😉 Thanks for asking though 😉 🙂

  3. Yeah, It is series of work and work, once you return from a trip.
    The lunch looks very good, and perfect combo.
    And the vegetable – chinese looks very attractive.
    Food is the main thing on the mind most of the time, for me.

    • You are right… I am still left with cleaning for the next weekend too. 😦

      Thanks a lot 🙂

      Bingo!! Food is the main thing on my mind too for most of the time 😀

  4. woooooooooow! those cheesecakes look absolutely stunning and I so want to eat all the yummy delights you made over the weekend 😀 😀 😀
    Hope the pests and cockroaches in your house run away soon 🙂

  5. Oh hello Mrs. GB ! How dare you put up such yummilicious pics ? Booo hoooo 😦
    Pls give me some cake ya? And have these been updated on your food blog ?
    – lazy and hence asking-

    oh, go on add another commonality – Love for animation. Sigh, this is just so creepy, I tell ya !

    Lovely post re 🙂

    • hahaha 🙂 🙂 I am just following your foot steps!

      Sure.. take all the cheese cake from those pictures.. 😀
      Yes Yes.. I have updated my food blog with all these recipes…

      Am I your twin or what?!? 😉

      Thanks Kismi 🙂

  6. Baba re GB!!!! u managed to do soooo much cooking throughout the weekend..even momos at home!!!

    That cake looks so ultimate sin…Ohhh did I mentioned that a bucket filled with drool while I read your post…
    Aaarrgh..these cockroaches …I tell u…I am so scared of them while Mishti chases them to hell the moment she catches glimpse of any such creepy things!!

    • Nibedita… Actually all of them are simple recipes only… 🙂

      and Thankuuuu so much 😀 😆 at the bucket filled with drool 😆

      yeah.. these cockroaches… I am not scared but uncomfortable..aiyo.. Mishti is chasing them :shocked: she must be fascinated by little moving things…

  7. You woke up at 6:15 on a Saturday?? 😯 for this only you should be awarded 😆

    So much food….wish I could attack them 😛

    Pictures not loading for me 😦

    • Vishaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… you are back!!! super super 🙂 You were being missed here!!

      yeah.. I am like that, cant sleep for long.. sometimes I get up at 5 also… or even earlier 🙂 bring me the award *shameless that I am* 😛 😆

      pictures not loading but still you want to attack my food… this shows how much you trust my food 🙂

      • yep…me back 🙂

        aww..thats so sweet of you!! am actually in a reading spree now.. 😆

        oh yeah..u definitely need to be awarded…even if I try I cant get up earlier than 7 on a weekend 😛

        absolutely I trust your food pa.. 🙂

  8. You would not believe but I love cleaning on weekends 🙂 cause it results in clean surroundings and I’m a cleanliness freak that ways..which drives my family up the wall 😉 and they keep teasing me that now my daughter will teach me lessons 😉

    I love the presentation of Mo-mos and red Chutney 🙂

    and look at that mango cheese cake,slurp !!!

    I’m thinking to avoid your weekend posts cause as it is I’m fighting with a huge disease that is my weight and your food pics will make me fattier just by looking at them,sigh!

    • Scribby… I must salute you… you like cleaning during the weekends?? thats the last thing I want to do.. may be I am so lazy or accept the way things are around… not sure… only when there is necessary.. I do cleaning… I have to accept this fact… I am not a cleanliness freak.. Its actually ok for me to see some dust here and there 😦 😦

      Thankuu 😀 😀 Mango cheese cake is very very easy… do try it when you are free.. (again link attached in the post)

      Come on Scribby… thats not going to happen?! 😛 Welcome to the club.. I am fighting the same disease as well… 😦 😦 And I actually had everything in those pics!

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