The hidden treasures…

My home in Chennai (now called as my Parents’ home 😦 after I have married) is a land of treasures for me. With just a little effort one can find anything and everything there.

< *Digression alert starts* >

Dad is a jack of all trades and loves collecting all sorts of things – from plumbing, electrical tools, general house repair tools, gardening tools to everything under the sky. He even has a kit that helps in repairing a punctured tyre, checking and refilling air. He knows tailoring too and we have a sewing machine and related stuff. There is no one thing that he cant do. He loves to do all the stuff himself. During our childhood, we never had the need to call in for help of any sorts. For any problem – there is dad – our super hero. As kids, we have never gone to repair our cycle in a shop. Never we had to worry about torn slippers/shoes. School bags/zips not working – dad would repair that too. He stitched us sleveless cotton gowns to wear in summer. Any repairing work becomes easier with the use of right tool usage and dad had everything that he wanted. Many times neighbors called in for dad’s help and he would readily go whether its early morning or late night. Sometimes, his tools were borrowed leaving him tensed 😛 He would breathe easily only after having them back. I remember this incident when ouir neighbor uncle borrowed the hammer and returned it in broken state leaving dad  lament and crib for days (he still preserves the broken one along with the new one). Coming to the other household things and kitchen accessories, mom preserves everything. Nothing goes out of stock. I can cook anything I wish without having to buy anything new from the market. One of the traditions of our home is that We never throw anything away. According to my dad, everything has its use. Even a broken needle is preserved. Simply put, our home is dumped with many many things and yet mom maintains it so well 🙂 Thats why I said, with little effort one can find anything. “You name it, You get it” at my place 🙂 Ok Ok.. This post is not about how my mom or dad has got everything in their house.

<*Digression alert ends*>

Its about the all treasures that I found recently while searching for some other things. I have this spell on me that I can never find my things even if they are right in front me. But its not true while searching for others (which I seldom do :P) On really rare occasions I searched the house for something and found something else like –

1. An old note book meant to be diary for both me and my sister – Its a four lined notebook used for standard 1 or 2. The book has been made a mark in the exact center and each halves became our diaries. (Heights of sharing). Being inspired by dad who writes his dairy everyday, we should have done this one. Example of entries from mine and sister  who must be 6 and 4 years old resp –

Mine –

  • Got up from bed at 6.15Am.
  • Had Tiffin at 7.30Am
  • Daddy gone office at 8Am

Sister’s –

  • I get up from bed at 6.30Am
  • Father get up from bed at 5Am
  • Mother get up from bed at 4Am
  • Grandfather get up from bed at 6Am
  • Grandmother get up from bed at 6Am
  • I eat tiffin at 7.30Am
  • Father eat tiffin at 7Am
  • Grandfather eat tiffin at 8Am
  • Grandmother eat tiffin at 8Am

(See how my updates are missing from her diary entries… 😐 )

After some days of SIMILAR entries :roll:, we got bored I guess. We have filled the remaining pages with ugly sketches of apple, mango and such like. My sister is an out-stander even then. She has tried to draw a bird and name it too 😛 while I have drawn my grandparents. hahaha 😀

2. Old 1 rupee notes and some coins – Found this treasure while searching for some documents in the cupboard. They were carefully wrapped in a brown envelope and on top of it was a note handwritten beautifully by dad – “First Birthday XXXX Gift Collection – Rs. XX”  followed by the names of  ppl who had given me some money on my first birthday. I had tears in my eyes (out of joy) discovering that cover after 24 years. It such a treasure and how many others can have something similar.. There were more covers with money and handwritten notes for various occasions.

3. Budget Plan for my Parents’ Wedding – This one is a real treasure. Not many will preserve the drafts and copies of the budget planning done for ones marriage, that too after 29 years. The paper was very old changing its color close to brown. It can be torn with just a touch. But it has the beautiful handwriting of my dad showing his mathematical ability and financial planning. It was awesome to discover that.

4.School prizes from LKG and some older stuff – Again, all the prizes were preserved to be in the same state as received. There were notes from my teachers with my name and the purpose of the prize.

5. Report Cards and Group Photos – All our report cards right from LKG to 10th std are preserved. Its such a great treasure to be cherished now. Looking at the teachers comments, our ranks, marks – its just great. Dad has even preserved some of our exam papers from all classes.

6. Most of our text books – are still available in good condition. Our drawing books are still present to be cherished.

7. Geometry box – I remember the day my dad got me the first geometry box (actually the first and last for I never lost it) when I was in standard III. It was an OMEGA geometry box – costliest and highest model of all. While rest of my classmates had the Natraj boxes, I was so proud with mine. All the components are still present in usable form 🙂 Dad had preserved his geometry set from his childhood days.

8. My first hero pen – There was always this craze of owning a hero pen while in school. I got a green colored pen for the first time from dad and it was my luckiest. I had two other later, but this is so close to my heart.

9. Old passport photographs – Found some very old passport photographs of mom and dad along with a few of ours too. It automatically brings on a smile on my face. Chubby looking sister, very young dad and mom, and boy cut me – surely a treasure 🙂

10. Old dolls and toys – All our toys from childhood are preserved in suitcases. We have the tradition of having a kolu (display of toys/dolls etc) for Pongal festival. Every year, we bring down the suitcases from the loft, remove the packing and display them with pride. Some of them are very special to us and to be cherished as they were given by my thathaya (grandpa). There are numerous greetings (depicting baby girls) sent by him for every festival with a handwritten note. He is not with us anymore but we have loads of his sweet memories still alive with us.

These are only a few of the treasures discovered. As time goes by, I am sure we will find more and more which makes us happy. My bad, I dont have any pictures of the above mentioned things. Next time I visit my place, I am sure to click pictures of these treasures.


21 thoughts on “The hidden treasures…

  1. I was smiling till the end of this post. Even I have preserved each of my school report cards and certificates.

    Its takes lots of patience and memory to store each and every little or big memorabilia like the way your parents have done. Hats off to them 🙂

    My father used to have a lot of DIY stuff which made me nostalgic reading your dads account..nice one that was 🙂

    Your and your sis’s diary entries – so cute!!

    • Thanks Visha… 🙂

      I know.. how cool is that… these days, I search for help immediately when something doesnt work… 😦 It takes a lot of interest and passion to learn to do these things on our own.. (my dad even learnt tailoring on his own 🙄 )

      haha… diary entries… it was too funny reading through it. We have filled pages together with these kinds of entries.. with giant sized, mishappened alphabets.. 🙂 My sister is not going to be happy reading this post 😛

  2. Count me in in having so many of all my old stuff though I lost a major chunk of my treasure as I had it with me at my home overseas 😦 😦
    Absolutely loved this post and my regards to your parents for being so organised that nothing ever went missing when it was needed 😀 😀

    • oh no ME.. 😦 I am sure Pari’s collection is going to grow bigger now and will be a treasure in future..

      Thanks ME 🙂 I need to bring on the tradition now 🙂

      I forgot to add – nothing goes missing at home but searching for it without dad’s help is too big a task. He only organizes things and we never will find the things unless he helps us. With his forgetfulness these days (age is taking a toll) everyone is struggling to find right things at right places.. Mom pays careful attention to where he is placing things 🙂

  3. Even I find such treasures on my trip home… treasures that I am not willing to share with anyone. So when my mom tries to gives my old pencil box to Cheebu I protest and I am secretly glad when Cheebu forgets to bring it back home 😉

    • oh oh lifesong… I havent thought of this from that perspective… I cried a lot on that day when my dad gave off my tricylce to some kid. I couldnt tolerate it. I can see what is coming for me in future 🙂

      Cheebu is cute to forget it 😛 and you are cute too… for being glad 🙂

  4. First of all Yayayyy to your dad….

    Few treasures like these can be found at my home as well….old greeting cards…and yes even i saved my exam question papers and later gave it to some other junior student….waiting for those snaps…..

  5. It just feels so good to find all those hidden treasures… since my parents shifted base… it is difficult to hang on to that stuff… I loved the old hero pen and passport photograph bit…

    • Thanks Jas.. 🙂 yeah I can understand.. we lost a few of our favorite things when we shifted to this house as well..

    • Hey Nibedita.. I was searching for your mail ID to send the password and couldnt find it anywhere 😦 Thats why I couldnt send it to you…. can you share your mail id with me?

  6. I have been a silent reader of ur blog from quite some time. U can see me as a visitor from Philadelphia in the log. If it’s ok with u, can u send me the password

    • Hi Suma… welcome here 🙂

      can you share your email id (either send it to my mail id or leave a comment, i wont approve) so that I can share the passowrd with you.

  7. This is a sooooooooooper post GB 🙂 My first time here and I loved teh commonalities. I have saved scrap paper to hero pen to one rupee notes to old asymmtrical mango drawings 🙂 And loved the part about your father coz’ he sounds so much similar to my jack of all papa 🙂

    It is amazing how many stories every li’l thing can tell, no?
    and whee ! I had an Omega geometry box too. I loved geometry and wanted to badly start doing problems so that I could own one. And then later, I realized 😛

    Loved reading you 🙂 And I’d like to come by often !

    • Kismitofeebar – what a sweet name.. Welcome here 🙂 And Wow!! We share so many commonalities…. super cool to know you.. and thanks for dropping by, keep coming 🙂

  8. I salute ur dad for being so organised yet emotional to store all ur old, cute,unforgettable memories!! In my case it was mom who has till now preserved our Marks sheets, some certificates, our hand written cursive books, sme medals we won, old toys etc.. It is something that is “Priceless”

    U must be a dadda’s gal aint u??

    • Hi… Welcome here 🙂

      ya… priceless they are 🙂 yayyy to your mom for preserving your things!

      Yes I am :):)

    • How can I deny when the cute kismi toffee bar requests me with cutesy puppy eyes… 😛

      Sending the password to your email right away.. be warned.. its the most boring series 😀

      • For some reason, this comment of yours had gone into spam… 😦 Just checked it today… did you get the passwd?

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