Damage has been done..

First things first.. I cant explain how happy I am for the concern and care shown by the blogger friends for my last post. Those words really encouraged me, motivated me, showed me a direction and I felt so much better 🙂 Thanks guys… 🙂

I have a house help now (Hurray!!!) Luckily I could find an aunty who would help me with the dishes, mopping the house, cleaning the yard every day and she is very flexible. She can speak broken telugu and I cant even speak broken Kannada. That only seems to be a problem now. For every simple thing I try to talk to her, she first assumes I am trying to find fault with her while I would just tell her something like “get the scrub from this place etc” So, I have to make myself very smiley (though absolutely unnecessary) and talk to her. The problematic part with this house is that, the kitchen sink is placed in a very bad position for anyone to do the dishes. Many ppl wouldnt accept to work with that – It was a bigger problem even for me. One would have to bend 45deg almost to do the dishes. To make the matter worst, there is no other single water pipe connection anywhere in the house. This aunty (I still dont know her name) accepted to work even after looking at this sink. The first day, she tried to do the dishes in the standing position I guess… the moment I was back after checking something, she had climbed upon the kitchen slab seated there to bend and do the dishes. I was terrified to say the least. Given the height of the slab and the minimal width, its so hard for someone to do this. I found it very risky. We spoke to the house owner on the very same day to get a tap fixed outside. Being the meany that he is, has asked us to wait for another 2 weeks… 😦 She is not complaining… poor lady. I feel so bad for her. Somehow feel guilty of making her do all this work, though I am paying her. I wanted to talk of something but digressed on giving details of the house help aunty.

The weekend was almost a pleasant, relaxing one. I spent most of the time taking rest except for the times of cooking which took less than 2 hours. By  Sunday evening, I felt feverish. To add to it, It was as though every bone of mine was being crushed. I decided to go to bed soon. Every thing was fine on Monday morning. I had completed preparing lunch and was getting ready to office. I knew that my back was getting weaker (thanks to all the stress for the past one month). While I was doing something, I had a simple cough which caught my lower back so badly. I could hardly move. Though this wasnt as bad as the last time (Yes! this is not the first time and I had been warned of my weaker spine muscles/bones) the pain was killing me. The more depressing fact is that this entire week I am on a training which means taking leave is nearly impossible. This was one of the training I had been awaiting eagerly and I so didnt want to miss that. 😦 While getting some cold stares and scoldings from S, I reached office. It was quite hell after that. I know what can cure this and its nothing but rest. Sitting for hours in the training, worsened my condition. The trainer is a friendly man from US. I made it a point to speak to him first and then to my manager. Both of them accepted I could take off if needed. I went to clinic twice to get Volini sprayed and lie on a flat surface. I somehow pulled it through the evening. I was walking like a snail and the heavy laptop bag was making my walk even worse. It took me only half an hour to cover the distance I would usually take ten minutes everyday – made me feel bad of myself 😦 We went to the ortho doc as soon as S could reach home (in B’lore traffic). The doc has given me two days of complete bed rest and so may medicines. I couldnt sleep through the night. Turning from one position to another would take more than 5 mins and I would wake me up. So, I was fully conscious through out the night with no pills helping me. This morning, I kind of walk like an ostrich.. 😦 I missed the training. I sneaked through the time alloted for sending the out of office mail to my team to write this post. I wanted to make it a short one, but being the kind of person who can never say anything short, I have wrote down this long post much to the anger of S who is staring at me every 2 mins now. 🙂 😛

I am going back to my bed rest mode now.. which is so boring…..


6 thoughts on “Damage has been done..

  1. Plz take good care of urself….consult ur ortho for long term treatment of weak spine muscles/bones…..I can relate very well when u want to do a simple move like walking and take hell lotta time coz of pain…how frustrating it is!!!

    For ur sink problem….try getting a small bench or something nearing to its height and the person doing the dishes can at least park their bum for a while…just a thought 🙂

    • yeah I know 😦 its so frustrating really… I am really going to concentrate on doing physiotherapy exercises as soon as I am a bit better..

      good idea for the sink thing.. let me see if i can find something like that 🙂

  2. Ouch! I can imagine how bad it hurts to have a severe back ache…have had a very bad one cause of continuous bed rest for 7.5 months during my pregnancy….please follow the treatment suggested by the ortho religiously…and be regular with the medicines and sprays too.

    Glad that you finally found help for household chores, hope the sink issue too settles soon.

    Take care and get well soon GB 😀

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