Celebrating Myself

I was trying hard to compose and recollect my thoughts on how did I celebrate myself /did I ever celebrate myself all these years. I had no clue what I was doing all these years. I was travelling with the flow of my life, taking it as it came to me. Going back to the topic, I was not sure if I had celebrated myself ever. My thoughts revolved around the topic for the entire of yesterday. Looks like, I never had paid attention to myself. I never thought there was a need to celebrate myself. All the while I was pondering, why would I celebrate myself when I am nothing but yet another living creature on earth? Diving deep into the thoughts, I started to look at the topic from a different perspective. looking back into the years, I should say that I had taken immense care on what I was doing, why I was doing and for whom I was doing. I found that I was all the while celebrating myself – but through the people around me.

Celebration in its truest sense is to bring happiness, peace of mind, a sense of pride, success, courage, determination, hope, love, respect, joy to the people touching our lives every day.

– Green Boochi

Being born as the first daughter to my parents who were pitied up on for bearing me by the relatives and society, I learnt in the very early stages that I need to prove myself. My parents celebrated me for being their daughter, for fulfilling their dreams of having a child after 5 years of wedding.    Though we went through a bad financial crisis, nothing was denied for me. My parents only stood by my side to support me always. I am quite grateful for the education they provided me in spite of all the difficulties they had. For all that I am today, they are the only reason as they had let me evolve into this beautiful butterfly that I am from a tiny larvae. They made me appreciate my life. Every single day I had been and I am still celebrating myself  (unintentionally) through the people of my life.

  • I was being celebrated for My birth, My first turn over, My first talk, My first walk, My first cry, My first laugh, My first wound, My First Birthday, My first day at nursery and other many more of my firsts
  • I was being celebrated for the best outgoing student award in my kindergarten.
  • I was being celebrated for the whole of my childhood when my parents believed in giving me the best they could afford. Out of everything that happened, giving me a sister to cherish through my life was  *the best*. I was being celebrated when they believed that I deserved her.
  • I was being celebrated every time I went upon stage to take part in anything extra-curricular, giving me a chance to prove myself.
  • I was being celebrated when the people around me understood my preferences and gave in for that, letting me have choices in life.
  • I was being celebrated for all the top ranks I got during school/college including the school firsts during 10th and 12th.
  • I was being celebrated when I could get scholarships/study for free as an acknowledgement for securing top ranks.
  • I was being celebrated when I gave an interview for a local TV channel on achieving highest marks.
  • I was being celebrated for being rejected in MBBS over a couple of marks but joining Engineering in Anna university with 1108th rank.
  • I was being celebrated for all the struggle and effort I put in during my college days.
  • I was being celebrated for being bold and straight forward.
  • I was being celebrated for being able to get placed in one of the most reputed companies.
  • I was being celebrated for taking the financial burden off my father’s shoulders.
  • I was being celebrated for all the love I showed and received back.
  • I was being celebrated for marrying the love of my life convincing both the set of parents.
  • I was being celebrated for not being the super woman who is expected to do all the house hold chores, go to a job, wear a smiley face always,  abide by the rules of the in-laws house and etc.
  • I was being celebrated for what I am.

I am getting to think that I am no normal person. I have my own characteristics and preferences – which makes me a very unique human being. Either  intentionally or unintentionally, I am touching a few lives everyday and I am bringing so many positive emotions in them. My happiness, joy, peace, success, love, care, affection, courage, determination, respect is making others reciprocate the same back to me. I love myself irrespective of how I am. The fact that I  have a long forehead, big ears, long nose, thin hair, never flattening tummy, dark feet doesn’t bother me. I believe I am the most beautiful person on earth and I have the best husband who acknowledges the same.   I am celebrating myself irrespective of what I am. I am might be the most anger prone, grumpy, ill looking, stressed out, sadistic person at times, but all these doesn’t stop my people from celebrating me – Making me feel valued for the kind of human being I am which in turn makes me celebrate myself.

Sending this post as an entry to the Celebrating Myself Contest on Women’s Web.


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