Nothing to do….

My mind is stuck up somewhere these days.. Body doesn’t want to cooperate with so much stress and pressure at work. I am falling sick quite often. If I am cured of one thing, next one in the queue takes up its chance. This is how its been for the past 2 weeks. Fever followed by severe wheezing kept me down for a week. While wheezing decided to stay on for quite some time, sinus wanted to stick on too. With all these medicines and sickness coupled with so much pressure at work, I am going mad. Yes – madness is the only word I can use to describe my state of mind. Cooking is really working wonders for me during this tough time. How much ever I stressed, the thought of cooking something unusual is giving me pleasure. Mom was not so happy when I said that I tried two cakes (Apple Crumble Cake and Orange Cake) last week. She said I am straining myself by working late in the office, coming home to cook food, do the dishes and then start preparing a cake at around 10 in the night. But I see that in a different light. Cooking for me is therapeutic. I love when I can cook something well. Baking has been my new passion and I should say that I am doing quite well atleast for a starter than I am in that area 🙂

If there is one more thing, that can bring in happiness to me – that’s art and crafts! I love doing them. I can go any far to satisfy my quest for them. I have greatest patience when it comes to these things (which otherwise is very low). I can sit through hours together without food/water to complete my piece of work. Knowing me very well, my family got the best of best gifts for me this b’day (this post was due for a long time). Its a collection of craft items – a painting kit, 2 matte stitch kits, 2 long stitch kits and then 2 stone art painting kits. I was just beyond words when I saw them all at once 😀 I immediately started working on a matte stitch kit and completed it fully in 8 hrs flat. It did look very simple initially but time taking it is. When I wanted to start the next one, everyone was dead against that idea – I sometimes forget about my back pain while working on these. They warned me – I should take it slowly and save my back. Lesson learnt the hard way for a few times already. So, I too wanted to play safe. Once I was back in B’lore, I wanted to start the long stitch kit. What-did-I-know? the needle was missing somewhere. Now, I have a problem. If I want to do something, I become so desperate to do it. I called up my sis and started bugging her for the needle (who is sitting in her office in Chennai) 🙂 Once I knew that I can no way get a needle, I had to do something else and it was a cute painting that was selected by the dad. I completed in 2 hours while talking to the mom 🙂 Its been almost 2 weeks now I have received these and I am still not finding the time to start any of it. The thought of not being able to do what I love is very depressing. I am no longer that free bird who can sit hours together on a painting. I have a house to take care of and most of the times I am forced to take a diversion from these art/craft works. I will still try and do something soon. I am going to make time for the painting very soon – it gives me pleasure, it can relax me 🙂

This is the picture of the painting I did two weeks back 🙂

6 thoughts on “Nothing to do….

  1. I could’ve written this GB. Cooking, art and crafts are my life lines too. I can work on an art work for hours together but now I have my own obligations that consume my time.

    Loved that painting. It’s way too cute.

    • Hey Seema.. welcome here 🙂 I have seen your cooking blog and I should say that you are too talented a cook 🙂 I am gonna try a few recipes soon from your blog.. 🙂 I can understand what you mean by the obligations.. I am in that state too 😦 hopefully I should make some time for my hobbies…

  2. Love that painting GB…you sure are one talented girl 😀 😀
    Take it easy dear…get a domestic help to help you with the dishes and other household cleaning works.
    I can totally imagine the toll all the work you do is having on your health…give yourself sometime to relax and get back to health while indulging in the crafts you enjoy doing.

    Take care GB

    • Thank you so much ME 🙂 I am trying to look for some help who would fit in well for my needs… no such luck yet 😦

  3. Managing a home and work can leave you so little time for your hobbies. Sigh!
    “If I want to do something, I become so desperate to do it.” That is so much like me. I can understand your desperation for the needle at that time 🙂
    Matte stitch kits brings back memories of my childhood 🙂 Lovely painting 🙂

    • Thanks and welcome here 🙂

      Glad to find someone like me, sometimes its irritating for me to be so desperate but once its your character, you cant change it easily right?

      Awww…:) you too did matte stitching in your childhood .. awesome:)

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