Our days together..

 I kind of miss my home today.. I dono why.. But I want to be on mom’s lap as soon as I close my eyes. I just cant wait to be home tomorrow morning… have a long tiring journey ahead but I am happy I am going to see them. My thrist of missing my home would be quenched momentarily. We are one closely knit family and cant have peace without talking/seeing/thinking about each other – we have such strong feelings. Given a chance, I would leave my job and go happily to my hometown to stay close to them. Hoping God will show me a better way soon. I have awesome memories from childhood – some as told by mom and some experienced by me.
  • I was born to my parents only after 5years of waiting and hearing endless comments from ppl around. After I happened, they never turned back.
  • I always wanted my mom with me and have never left her for a minute. When my sis was born, I remember clearly – I was asked to sleep with my ammumma, I cried a bit but later slept off only to go back to my mom in the middle of the night.
  • I fed my sister (while she was a month old) some chana dal (almost everyday for 15 days) which she also religiously swallowed – that was my way of showing her love.
  • When I found that no one was helping sis brush her teeth (again when she was 5 months), I went ahead and brushed her non-existing teeth and guess what, being the darling she is.. didnt even cry 🙂
  • Sis smiled at me only for the first time and her first word was “akka”
  • She was my gaurdian angel at times when I cry.. 🙂 Boosting me with energy and laughter when most needed.
  • Once we were back home from nursery school, we played teacher game while I being the teacher and mom playing my role 🙂
  • I had won school first in LKG (hehe 😛 ) and a specfial prize for a speech on Ambedkar. I dont even remember what I spoke. But mom made me practise for the prize giving cermony at home (on teacher’s advise) by handing over a steel tumbler to me and I had to repeat thank you sir 🙂
  • I was over protective of my sis. She was my asset, my possession. 🙂
  • I always thought having money plant at home will give me lots of money and brought home a small plant 🙂
  • There are a number of times, I tried planting hibiscus in a small cup of soil and feel happy when it bloomed. ( I would pick a stem having bud so that it would bloom faster)
  • During the raining season, we would go on streets to catch tadpoles in a bottle thinking they were fish 🙂
  • Every nights walks, gulfi icecreams during the hot summers are not to be forgotten.
  • Deepavali used to be so much fun and now thinking back of those days, I can say it never comes back. I used to love bursting crackers and sis – the right opposite. 🙂
  • We had a stair case (common one) which was decorated with multiple rangolis for every festival (incl Aug 15 and Jan26). We kids would be assigned the task of coloring the rangoli.
  • Those long and short cycle rides back and forth to school with sis were just awesome. We would talk about all the things under the sun 🙂
  • When my sis joined the school assembly singing choir, I was on cloud 9. I would look at her with so much pride in my eyes. Similarly, when someone complimented her, I would make it a point to let them know she is my sis.
  • Sis loved to use my things much happily than the new ones except for the school uniform 😀 (she was way shorter than me ). My dresses (however old) caught her fancy and she would try them until now with every chance she gets.
  • Mom and dad gave us enough freedom to have an independent life but at the same time taught us the right values. We never took advantage of the freedom we have been given nor they were breathing down our necks. We have been pretty open enough with our parents till now and they know every other thing happening around us.
  • After some point in my life, mom and sis were like close friends to me and go to ppl.
  • Dad is the first hero for any kid and I am no different. He did everything he could to ensure we had everything we wished for.
  • My attempts to cook food started as early as when I was 10+ yrs and if I have to owe my interest in cooking today, it should go back to my family members who encouraged me from the first. Dad would compliment me as the best. Mom would say ‘super’ even before tasting 🙂

There are so many other things that are overwhelming my mind right now and words just fall short to bring all those emotions. Whereever we are, however separated, our love for each other has only been growing since day1. I wish good health and happiness for these ppl who love me as what I am.

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2 thoughts on “Our days together..

  1. Aww what a very beautiful, brimming with love and fond memories post 😀
    Loved seeing you and your baby sister’s childhood pictures…very cute 😀
    Have a wonderful time back home 🙂

    • Thanks a lot ME 🙂 the times we spend together just fly by very very fast leaving me only with memories.. the next post is gonna be on that 🙂

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