Ooty Trip – Day 2

Continuation from part -1.

I had several nightmares through out the night and the chillness was slowly killing me. I woke up early enough to feel so stiff. Having nothing to do, I started watching Pogo (My fav Chota Bheem) and then time started to move fast. After some time, I was only interested in waking up the kumbakarna I have married and finally succeeded. We had an agreement made – one of the bday wishes S granted me was not to touch phone or laptop for official work. I should say he fairly managed to keep up his word 🙂 And I gave him stern looks when he wanted to check mail for 2 mins.. (what.. its my bday and I will have my say!). After a heavy breakfast, we went on for the sight seeing. All the locations we covered on day 2 were of shooting places and thus very beautiful and scenic.

The car driver warned us to be euipped with enough snacks to last for the day as it would be tough to find a decent hotel on the way. We went overboard and got 2 kinds of chips, ooty spl vikkri, cookies, chocolates, juice and water bottle. I was at the top of my mood when we started our journey. The bubble got busted not in less than 10 mins. Our first place of destination was Pine Forests. I could see a dense forest of pine trees ahead with a small opening made by breaking the compound wall. I was unsure how we are to reach the interiors or what it would be like inside. Just when we were about to get down, the driver warned us – “these forests are very steep and slippery sir, pls take care”. My stomach started churning inside and it only got worse when I saw how steep it was. Even to get down from the roadside compound wall, there were no steps and the path was not even clear. The forest was really beautiful but that feeling was long gone when I had walk through it. I have never clutched S’s hands so tightly till then. I had literally no control of my legs.. I was falling down instead of walking.. My slippers only made the walk more miserable. Half way through, I was sweating like pig out of fear. Finally, we made it to the plains… where the view was splendid. There was lake surrounded by pine trees and little rocks. For some 10 mins, my fears were down. But when it was time for me to climb up, it was even more tough. S started pushing me from the back and making sure I wont fall backwards. At one point, I thought I would rollover and will have to climb everything all over. Thank God, that didnt happen. When I reached the car, I was huffing-puffing.. I had my wheezing attack and I felt miserable. Tears rolling down my cheeks. S looked worried too. I somehow made up myself when the next location came. Its called 6th mile. A small hill like structure leading us to the lake. Another spectacular view and I didnt have much difficulty over this one. Next was the 9th mile – which has 2 hills like structures. First being the tallest with a steep path and the other smaller one. S chose the smaller one and I am glad he did. He understands me perfectly. All the crowd was heading towards the taller one and we were the only ones on the short hill. It was mind blowing to see the view from there.. for a minute, I thought I was not in India, that too TN. There was a lone tree which caught our attention and we took snaps around it. Everywhere, we were greeted by the horse keepers, instant photographers and then the monkeys. 🙂

It was around 12 when we headed towards Pykara.. We had high hopes and were planning to go on boating. Again a bubble busted and we found that the pedal boats have been removed long since. I was staring daggers at S for making us miss the Boating in Ooty lake on Day1. Pykara was a much bigger lake and thus they have introduced motor boats taking off the pedal boats. We paid 150rs for just 10 mins ride and that was not even worth it. S was all out of mood and was cursing the tourism dept 🙂 Well, I am still blaming him for missing the boating. We next stopped at Pykara Waterfalls and this time S wasnt ready for all the walk 🙂 He threw the blame on me and said we would better skip. But I being the active sport for all these kinds of things refused to leave the place. We walked for around 1Km to see beautiful waterfalls (a mini waterfalls ok) and I immediately fell in love with the place. It had such a nice ambiance and the sound of water flowing slowly gave me peace inspite of the fact that it was crowded with couples. There was a board warning the people not to step into water (mentioning the no. of deaths). I already have a phobia for running water and I made it a point that whatever photos need to be taken will be taken from the rocks and no entering into water – S was the one disappointed.. 🙂 I made some interesting observations while relaxing on a rock.

  • There was only one family (rest were all couples) – 4 ppl including father, mother and 2 grown up (working must be) sons. That aunty was such a sport that, she had walked for 1.5Kms at her age with no complaints. She made it a point to go into water (into the middle of the water), sit there and asked her sons to click her snaps. I loved her excitement and the way she enjoyed leaving off all the inhibitions.
  • A couple of which the girl was very cute made her boyfriend take so many snaps of her while she was posing from the middle of water falls. After a point, she forced her BF to come with her who was very indifferent of which I am not commenting but they managed to disturb a couple who were having their personal time. The guy removed his shoes, went to the couple and handed them his camera (not even requested) and had gone to his GF. They were posing for like 100 photos and these guys were merley like their photographers. Just being a spectator, I was bugged so much at their attitude. If I had been the one taking their endless pictures, I would have  purposefully dropped the camera into water!! I mean, its ok to ask someone to take a picture of you as couple. But taking them for granted? NO.
  • I saw a newly married couple (must be arranged marriage) holding hands together and sitting at different places (changing every 10 mins). They were uncomfortable but wanted to show off too. It looked so funny 🙂
  • A man hanging on the safety ropes even after seeing so many warnings pissed me off.. Felt like going close to him and throwing him into the water.
  • And whats with our ppl.. when they see & hear that plastic is banned, they somehow dodge these empty water cans and fruit juice bottles in their bags and throw them into water.. what fun eh??

We started back to Ooty to have lunch (which was crowed so much and ppl were standing at the back of us). The next on itenary was Rose Garden. Only after we started off, we got to know that the plants have been cut off and we will be seeing no flowers. Later, the driver told us that the third layer will have flowers and we would enjoy. Since we missed boating, I was suggesting S that we should cover it today. And we were thinking our driver would drop us there. Gah! He cheated us.. He said its only a Km from the garden and we should be able to take an auto. We were staring at him not knowing what to do.. he is supposed to drop us in the hotel atleast as per the bookings but by the time this thought struck us, he had gone 😦 We thought its ok.. and started looking for the 3rd layer. What did we know – to reach the third layer, we had to walk around a Km including 100 steps. Half way through, I was exhausted. Only on that day, it was so sunny. Just the thought of those fresh and beautiful flowers, I made up myself and we had a great time looking at the roses. S instantly became the flower photographer and was clicking so many pics. At some point, I couldn’t enjoy much.. as there were 2 guys following us with a phone (like clicking pictures) just at the back of me. The moment I see him, he would turn the phone to a flower. I dint want to make a scene but had fun laughing at them cracking silly jokes 🙂 Glad they were soon gone 🙂 We decided we’ll cancel the boating plan and head towards the hotel but there weren’t any autos 😦 S asked for the directions to our hotel and the watchman pointed out somewhere in the valley and said its abt 1Km only. Our only relief was that we could just run down the slope instead of climbing the steep. We’re talking something and almost lost track of the road. Our hotel or main road was not to be found. Luckily we spotted a lady who showed us the way.. But it was too far than a km.. 😦 Almost 3 hairpin bends and then we would reach the main road to take a walk for .5Km again. S had this amazing idea of rolling me down the slope and collecting near the hotel (It was like a diagonal from the place we were to the hotel). I wasn’t buying it off and we laughed a lot through out the way 🙂 What else is the better way to recharge the body- had hot cup of coffee and I went into sleep mode 🙂 We later went to shopping  (I got nice sandals ) and had dinner at another 4 star restaurant which was too good 🙂 We finally called it a day by enjoying the camp fire and dance by some college studs staying in the hotel 🙂

Some pics that I loved the most –

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PS- forgot to mention about a buffalo calf that looked soooo cute ( I found it very cute ok? ) that came up to me and looked into my eyes. I somehow felt very touched by its look and it had 4 of its teeth peeping out which looked funny and cute 🙂

PPS – I loved this monkey too which was trying hard to keep its baby safe inspite of the height and the heavy wind. Good hair style eh 😛

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