Ooty Trip – Day1

The start of the trip was uneventful – we managed to reach the pickup point on time (considering the b’lore traffic), had food and were in bus on right time except for one big prob I had as soon as I boarded the bus.. I had to use the restroom and there were none to be found with less than 5 mins for the bus to leave. I started pestering S to do something. The hero that I have married went into action mode, ran around few places and found a paid toilet. I quickly ran in and he was having an eye on the bus. What did I see? Except for a door, there was nothing to qualify it as a toilet… ofcourse there were like a 100 Beedis and some crap. I ignored everything and did my work, came running back to him πŸ™‚ I am given numerous examples everyday why I have chosen him as my life partner :)Once the bus started, I wanted to go into snoozeland.. But do I have such luck.. Definitely No… they started playing Singam Movie (In Hindi) on the tv.. S being the movie freak he is, was keen in watching that. I tried to follow it for a while and started bugging S with 1001 questions πŸ™‚ I dono when I slept but a call from my lil sis at 12 woke me up. My bday had started πŸ™‚ Immediatly, S distracted himself from the movie to wish me and we had like 2 mins personal time πŸ™‚ A few more calls and msgs from friends – which touched me.. I was back to sleep at around 1. When I woke up again, the bus was halting somewhere. It was all very dark and I could hardly make out the place. I was assuming that the driver will take off the bus as soon as he is done with his susu. I checked the time it was 3.15am… I tried to get back to my sleep but the curiousity of why the bus has been stopped took off the sleep from me. I waited like an hour to find out that there is some problem and the bus wont move anything soon. I have to say that I have serious allergies to bed bugs and like wise. It has happened so many times before and I will be the only victim for all these insects. It wasn’t any different this time.. In no time after the bus stopped, some insecsts started to attack me and I was at my wits end.. scratching myself crazy from toe to head 😦 😦 The much worst fact is that everyone including the driver, cleaner had gone into deep sleep.. Including the one sleeping next to me.. I was tempted several times to wake him up and fight just for the sake of it, I resisted hard. In some time, a surprise teashop blossomed and the guy was selling tea, coffee and bread omelete. Thats when I deduced bus would never move. At around 5.45, someone’s alarm went off and thats when everyone got up to see we have been struck up at a place including the hubby darling, hmmph! Finally the bus started to move at around 6.15… (when the scheduled time to arrive ooty was at 6.30) By this time I had totally lost the sleep and was in tantrummy mood. We were crossing through Bandipur National Park (and those fellows wont permit vehicles before dawn) The views were scenic.. though I dint spot a tiger or lion, not even a monkey. Soon we reached Mudhumalai. While I was looking through the window, dear S had gone back to snoozeland much to my anger. I tried to wake him up but no such luck. Spotted some elephants and monkeys – it was spendid to see them drink water from the river. We started climbing the hill at around 7 only and I was already so hungry and badly needed use toilet. Thankfully, the bus was stopped at a place that has “so called bathroom” where they charge 5rs per head!! Had hot cofee from the roadside shop – What a spendid way to start the bday eh…. never before experience. It was close to 10 when we reached the hotel room. The autowalas literally cheated us by getting 80rs for a distance less than 2 Kms. But they all formed a pact and either we agree or not get dropped by anyone.After a quick breakfast, we were on to sight seeing. Omg.. Forgot to mention about the climate – It was freezing cold, literally. Stopped initially at a tea estate which was so beautiful.. Later went to Coonoor.. to see the lamb’s rock, suicide point, dolphin’s nose and some unknown waterfalls (which we never got to see due to the mist). An old man approached us saying he would guide us through the spots and would be happy if we give him 50rs. Looking at his age and determination, I urged S to accept though there is no such necessity. He immediately took in charge of our camera and asked us to pose at multiple places that are no worthy to take pics of! We could do nothing but smile πŸ™‚ I remember how he said “this is a photo spot” for a tree that was formed like a swing..haha πŸ™‚Β On our way back, we had some lunch was so lousy. Doddabetta was the next location and we loved to see all the places from such heights. I never knew its the highest point of South India. This is where I did some adventures like climbing on rocks, giving poses, hanging on the end safetyΒ railings like crazy when S was clicking off my pics and like wise ( I was asked to do so!! ). We had to climb like a 100 steps and walk on the steeps – which was very tough for me. I would get asthmatic attack as soon as we reach some heights and its hard to enjoy 😦 Next is something I can never accept. We were taken to Ooty Lake where there is pedal boating and all that. I agree that it was hell crowded. S decided that we would cover boating at another bigger lake the next day and not to tire urselves with all these crowd. We were doing some random shopping and walking in the sun to get some heat. I finished my most awaited job (what else, susu πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ and off we went to the hotel room. After having a hot cup of coffee, we started to go on some local shopping. There were numerous shops selling only antiques, chocs and bakeruy items on both sides of the road. S wanted to select my birthday gift myself. I am not so pleased with that option. Give me anything you wish – I can accept happily. But asking me to chose, I dono what I need. There isnt anything actually. His idea was to get me a diamond pendant which I opposed. Had our small fight as well. Finally I chose toe rings that I loved a lot πŸ™‚ He also gifted me a salwar, this time his selection πŸ™‚ Had an awesome dinner in a 4 star restaurant and I really loved it πŸ™‚ We had fun while coming back to the room blowing air out of mouth to see the patterns of mist coming off.. Hotel room was no better. I was shivering with a sweater and 2 blankets. We called it a day by having chocolates at night πŸ™‚ Thats how the day 1 cum my birthday was spent πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Ooty Trip – Day1

  1. Wow! thats so much fun and must be quite tiring too….I hope the insect bites have healed by now πŸ™‚
    I hope you didn’t catch cold on your trip
    I too wish to go to Ooty someday, it sure is a beautiful hill station πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Waiting for the next part πŸ™‚

    • Yes yes.. it was πŸ™‚ Just that I didnt feel it was my bday.. a totally different bday for me.. πŸ™‚

      the insect bites have gone the next day itself but the cold… I have caught up cold.. with sore throat n all that.. 😦

      Let your wish come true soon πŸ™‚ Its a nice place to go if you love hill stations.. πŸ™‚

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