A Message to some people around me…

Sometimes life seems tough to live with these kind of people around. Who are these really? – The ones who cant get themselves a better life instead of poking their long nose into someone else’s life. Looks like its that time where my life seems to be the very business for some people. I want to pass on a message to all those to whom I can’t give a direct bark!! Yes, a bark really! I wouldn’t mind a bite too!

@ all the oh-so-relatives of mine – I am still living with my hubby with no fights/arguments/hits so far. Just that I had love marriage (and my parents are supportive) doesn’t mean that I should fail as you expect me. I am not a loser. And one more clarification – I would be working not bcos S supports me, but cos I want to and I am passionate about my job & life. You dont have to draw unnecessary conclusions with my life.

@ that distant cousin of mine– Just bcos I am the only one in the entire family to have married out of caste, you dont have to spend a fair amt of your time publicizing this fact. I hope no one is interested to know this. Having a love marriage doesnt mean that all I do everyday is to sing duets with S around the trees/ making love. Your meaning of love is not even close to what we both feel. So, please shut-up and mind your work.

@ that horrifying aunt of mine – My parents are not into a competition called marriage. If your daughter who is older than me by 2 years doesn’t get a match while I am happily married, dont burn your stomach. No one is comparing anything here. Its you committing a self damage. Dont rush into everything and spoil your daughter’s life. And one more thing – you dont have to randomly advice me to plan for babies sooner. You even went a step ahead by giving me a super plan of leaving my baby with my parents in Chennai while I continue to work in Bangalore when I was not even ready to listen to you. If possible, test proof this with your daughter before advising me.

@ that irritating team mate – I am very much vulnerable to common cold. Couple that with an asthma attack, I cant get up for a day or two. Given the cold climate of Bangalore, I tend to fall sick often. Just because I am married and had been taking 2 sick leaves from January doesnt qualify me “to be expecting”. When that case comes, I will declare it to the whole world ok. Please, Oh please till then dont bombard me with these questions often. You being a guy working in Malaysia doesnt quality that you can talk any rubbish to me. I am reaching my peak and soon your case will be escalated.

@ that maid, K aunty (At Mom’s Place)- You dont have to hit the panic button every time you see me coming  home/staying alone. I and S are very much at peace and have no problems. 🙂 You have to understand that S has some tasks to complete and I cant tail him everywhere he goes or vice versa.

@ that mom-of-my-classmate (aunty) – You have to understand that I am not as practised as you are when it comes to walking comfortably with silk saree, that too on a really hot afternoon waiting for a bus after a heavy meal at wedding. A simple act of me clutching the pallu of my saree tightly againt my stomach just means that I dont want to give an open show of my back to the fellow passengers. You dont have to look at me up and down, ask me (pointing to my stomach) how it is… I cant understand these code words until you tell me what it is.. Then you went on to ask how many months.. I am shocked! How can you build a story on me the very minute you saw me? When I declined, you were not accepting. How helpless I was 😦 You went on say how you got to know the news from someone… Seriously, some people know better of my life than I know!!

@ that very very irritating girl at office – I know its been months I saw you. I also know that I have gained those extra pounds after my wedding. I know what I need to do also. You dont have to run from one end of the cafe to where I am shouting that I look so different and unrecognizable after wedding. As if this is not enough, you tell me everyday (almost!) how its high time for me to start reducing. You start the conversation with “evlo weight pottute….” (how much weight have you gained) everytime and its so irrritating. I am a person. Not a machine to increase or decrease my weight as I like it. Please see me as what I am. My personality doesn’t depend on my weight or my identity is not going to change with my weight. Also, there is something called as politeness with which you should convey whatever you think. You are being plain rude and I have no option but to reciprocate the same to you. As if you dont have anything better in your life, you saw my friend today and asked the same question?!?! I am going to ignore you – truly..

@ the neighbour aunty – I know you want to be as much helpful as you can to me. You can start a converstaion given 1 sec time. I am not that talented as you. I am a kind of person who cant make friends immediately. I am not a social bird as well. I cant engage in random conversations with you, that too when I am in a hurry to lock the house with 5.5 locks holding 2 cell phones and a heavy laptop bag rushing to the office. Just because S was drying the clothes on Saturday doesnt mean that I was bedridden and sick.  He was taking up some tasks that I hate to do. You dont have to go overboard and let me know some lady doctor details in advance. The requirement is yet to come and I am not planning for it.

Finally @ my MIL – Amma, I and your son would need sometime to adjust to our new life together. We are still immature, fighting over petty things. We still dont have the trust on us to raise a child yet. I personally cant take a big decision at this stage of my life and need some time to think over. Your acts of telling me directly or indirectly to have a baby soon is just bringing a lot of anger and irritation in me. I must say I cant help over it. You seem to tell me as if I am the only person concerned. Even if I am satisfied with all your reasoning, I cant make your son accept to what I feel. Please understand this and stop showing/giving me a million examples of couples who had it worked out in the first month. I am helpless here.

@ all who would want to poke into my life – Me not getting pregnant within an year of marriage or having gained a few pounds  are not earth shattering problems. Better concentrate on your life! Gossiping might give you happiness, but its temporary. 


4 thoughts on “A Message to some people around me…

  1. I can imagine how annoying these kind of ever-ready-to-poke-nose people are.

    The best trick to maintain your peace of mind is, go deaf-blind-dumb in their company they'll soon get the message that they need to move on and leave you at peace.

    Take care 🙂

  2. Yup.. this is what I am doing now to have some peace.. but some ppl are so dumbo, they dont understand at all!! 😦

    Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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