The Pongal Weekend…

…. was well spent in Chennai from Friday to Sunday. Dont ask me why friday.. Its cos thats when I booked tickets for.. I had to book Pongal tickets as early as October, by which time the leave calendar for 2012 was not yet published. I “assumed” Pongal would be 13th, 14th and 15th and thus booked tickets for the wrong days. As Pongal fell on Sunday – One holiday gone waste. We took off from work on friday for no other reason except for the pain of booking new tickets again. Friday was spent at my place – the most relaxing of all. I remember nothing but eating and sleeping – LITERALLY. Moreover, dad and sis had to go office so it was only me and mom. We spoke, spoke and spoke a lot. It was the best time of all.

Saturday was Bhogi – mom made bommattu (poli) which was just melting in the mouth. After having a heavy breakfast at 7 in the morning, I was restless for mom to complete her pooja to satisfy my taste buds with those ghee laden bommattus. I had not kept the count of how many I ate, for I will have heart attack later 🙂 Lunch was again heavy with sambar, yam fry , tendli fry and curds with pickle. My quota of stay at my place was getting over as soon as lunch and it was turn for me to go to in-laws place. Thats when I decided to have a twist. One of my close friends is getting married and what else would be the better to meet friends.. We quickly decided to meet at one of the other close friend’s home. We were four of us and we brought down the roof of the house literally 🙂 🙂 So much of talking, laughing, screaming, shouting, pulling each others legs – I was truly living my school days again..We also had a cake cutting (for Dr. R, hahaha ) in advance and it was great!  We had to force ourselves to leave as it was getting too late. What was I waiting when I went back home all dry throat, fully exhausted – I was half expecting the night would be so long and I was not proved wrong. The local association was organising a kolam comptetion and all the inmates were more than excited about this. Being experts in drawing perfect kolams, we serached over net for some intricate designs, practised them. After a quick dinner, we went out with all the winter wear to beat the weather and laid out 3 biiiiiig kolams. I dono what time it would have been when we started to color them. It was too huge a task. I was left was shaking lims and trembling hands at the end of 3hr struggle, but it paid of well. At 1.30Am in the morning, we finally called it a night and went to sleep.
Sunday being the Pongal festival and I being the new DIL, the preparations were huge. Thank God I was not denied breakfast, I was already feeling so low. I had not planned a saree, I knew I would have lots of work and Its not easy with saree. We started preparing from 9.30 in the morning. Venn Pongal and Chakkara Pongal in 2 big pots. Avial had to prepared for the side dish. I was impressed by the recipe so much that I would try it sometime here. 10 different vegetables cooked in coconut milk and paste, tasted so good. We also made Vazhai Poo vadai, crisp and hot! It was nearly 1.30Pm when we had offered all this to the Sun God along with sugarcanes and fresh turmeric. The lunch was heavy but so different for me. Only Chakkara Pongal with Avial (one very sweet and the other being hot, salty). I took a long nap after the tiring day of work. I was really missing being at my home. This is something I cant accept how many years it may take. Girl being girl will be deprived of all the fun she had once she is married. I missed my home, my mom’s cooking, watching tv with sis and above all getting to stay with dad on festival. These cant be sidelined at all how much ever care, love and affection been shown from in-laws. I felt guilty was missing my home when everyone surrounding was so affectionate with me – but thats only natural, it felt to me. Yest was the most tiring – I have never worked in the kitchen for such a long time and it was definitely back breaking though MIL was helping me equally. I cant imagine how hard it is to pull over everything all alone. For a minute I felt responsible (I had to act atleast). I had watched no special programme on TV yest-this is the first time ever. Looks like its the time for me to act grown up. But it looks unfair. S was all the time enjoying himself watching tv or doing the stuff he liked while I had to take up the tasks whether I like it or not. (His mom wouldnt let him do anything, that’s another post altogether). By the end of day, I was feeling have mixed emotions. I knew I cant handle these changes in my life. The day which started happily was looking a bit broken by the end of it. It was all made up when my dad and sis came to see us and send us off in the railway station. I had some quality time with them and hit the berth even before the train started off. This is how the 3 day break went off so soon…. 🙂 Waiting for the next 4 day break!! 🙂

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