The Weekend Post

I am starting on the weekend post series to record the activities that I am doing every weekend. This was a very happening weekend for me, Mom, dad and sister were here – meaning I dint have to step into kitchen, lie on dad for a change and nag sister, all while doing nothing but eating mom’s food. Very relaxing weekend that way!

We went to Total Mall on Saturday evening, got loads of clothes (again!). I dont how how I end up liking a whole bunch of kurtis and any salwar material I set my eye upon while my sister is very very choosy. I mean, every cell of her should like it, literally!! 😛 I also got a saree for my mom and one for the househelp person my mom has back home. Poor dad and S, didnt get anything..ok ok I am miser that ways.. 🙂 Actually, all the ladies wear had amazing discounts that, S had to stop me falling on the clothes. I got the best deals for some brands – Kurti for 134Rs, Dupatta for 99Rs so on and so forth.

After a never ending time of selecting kurtis, my dad wanted to go about the store to look out for other stuff too. I ran ahead of him and got a digital thermometer (what? Its a must in GreenBoochi-dom!). I was just looking at all the oven, microwaves being displayed, when S comes to me and asks me to choose one from them. I was shocked to even speak a word. My sis made sure I definitely get an OTG and we both chose the best of all while S paid the bill (see, see – there he is.. showering his love 😛 ) Its a Morphy Richards OTG which comes with Oven, Grill and Toaster. Additionally there is this Rotiserri which I was damn sure I would never use (Ok.. Its for Barbecuing Chicken as whole) but am impressed with additional features, jump in and get that. For the night we ordered from Dominos – should say everyone enjoyed except for dad (Mom and dad doesnt likes these kinds of foods).

Sunday Morning saw us prepare for the adventure with the OTG. Read the manual like a 100 times, searched the net through out the day to get recipes and going to the super market to get the items. We made thorough use of the oven with a variety of dishes –

1. Wheat Biscuits – Amazing taste that reminded me of chennai butter biscuits.
2. Panner Tikka with Green Pepper and Onions – Got superb comments (S mentioned that the taste overdid BBQ nation) I was pretty pleased
3. Choco Vanilla Spiral cookies – Good ones to try, but a lot of work.
4. Coconut macroons – Waste of time, we were left with a smoky room 😛

Ok, out of these 4 only one was a disaster and I think its perfectly Ok 🙂 I packed a few of no.3 to take back Chennai 🙂 Soon i would be making garlic bread, cup cakes, muffins and would love to bake a full cake. All I want is some  time and more of energy. I must say, one must be really enthusiastic about all this till the end, cos You would be left with 100s of dishes to be cleaned and You cant escape! I had my mom who was generous enough to help me with the final task and of course all others did the honors of appreciating me when due 🙂

All-in-all a very fun filled, surprising and amazing weekend 🙂


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