Uncertainity and Philosophy!

My mind doesn’t seem to be peaceful at all right now. There are millions and zillions of thoughts wandering inside. I am not able to make out if I am happy or not! Some philosophy flowing in as a result.. *complete rant*

– Family values and being friendly should be taught right from childhood.
– TV is not the whole world and there can be some real people around you.
– Wasting food is no good
– Sleep deprivation can make one very angry and depressed at the same time
– Having so many people around but no one paying attention is not so good feeling
– Should consult everyone before making food choices
– People you think as family can think you otherwise.
– Not everyone will give you a helping hand at the time of need.
– Takes a lot of effort to satisfy people
– Just a moment is enough to untidy a clean room.
– Having MIL with you has zillions of benefits.
– Dont go outing when you are PMSing, it can even break your back and dont ever depend on public restrooms.
– Its your home and you need to take care of it – instead of expecting others.
– Working in the kitchen throughout the day all alone can be so depressing. 
– All you do with full dedication wont be rewarding always.
– Doing dishes is the worst ever job, that too right after eating.
– Cooking comes with a bone breaking additional task – which is doing the dishes, refer above point.
– One can only try to bring happiness in others, but it remains within the self to be happy or not.
– Worst of worst Headache can last for 3+ days, inspite of those pills you popped in
– Last but not the least, your husband is your last,best resort and will be there for you whatever it takes!!

So, what's your say?

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