Learning it the hard way!

I have always been a responsible person – wary of my surrounding, careful with my things. Its in the genes I guess and I must have taken after my dad (though not upto his standard). As far as I remember, There had only been two incidents where I was fooled and some of my things were looted.

Scene 1 – First Incident – My 12th Std Tution class – Someone had robbed all the money from my bag. I had a good 100rupee note and a few coins. I cried very hard that day. It meant so much of money. SO much of hard earned money by dad. I felt shameful. I never thought I deserved another penny from him. All this inspite of no scoldings or harsh words from mom and dad. Dad being dad handed me another fresh 100rupee note the next day, along with a purse 🙂

Scene 2 – Second Incident – Bangalore Majestic Bus Stand – My first lone travel to Chennai after joining the company. I was so excited and all, I decided to show all the stuff my company gave me. I had taken both of set of laptop chargers, laptop, the new laptop bag and what not! Not to mention about the large bag full of my clothes to be washed. Just for a 2 day visit – thats all. Being new to bangalore and not expecting so much confusion, I had huge luggage. As luck would have it, I couldnt locate my bus even after the departure time. I was so tensed, I was literally running from one moving bus to another inquiring if it was the intended one dragging along all the luggage. Being the tension party that I am, created a lot of fuss enough for the looters to take note of me! By the end of my 2.5hrs running, what did I find? My laptop bag was unzipped and my wallet was missing. Luckily I had the bus ticket in my hand. Within 2 mins, my bus arrived and I spent the whole night crying. I had no other money with me – All the 300+ was gone. Other than that, the wallet was my birthday gift from my cutesy sister. It also had the watch which was my 10th school first prize.I had several of other precious stuff which would have just been rubbish for that thief. My sister had to come to CMBT bus stand to take me home. I was so poor that I couldnt afford a 5rs ticket back to my place.  The vist two day holiday back to home was thus very unforgettable – in a Bitter Way!! And that was my first and last ksrtc bus trip to Chennai.

Having said all this, November had been a bad month so far. I have been losing my stuff 😦 On the way to a shopping mall, I lost my watch (!). This one being the very first watch I got for myself with my first month salary. It was so special for me. the buckle was not working properly for sometime now. I should have taken it for repair. Being the lazy bum, I let it go. But never thought I would lose it while going on bike 😦 I had no clue where I left it. The whole evening was saddened. S offered to gift me a fastrack watch, but can it replace my old watch?!? I pretended not to like any of the collections and was sulking inside. This is the first. I thought would be the last as well. But who knew there was a greater danger awaiting me? I had no need to look into my wallet or take my ATM card for the past ten days. For some reason, I was thinking, I handed it over to S. On 21st, we went to hyper city for small shopping – there I find that my card is missing. We search the whole of the house thoroughly – its nowhere to be found. S went ahead to report loss. I was so tensed, I couldnt think of anything. The moment he reported lost card, I remember – the address details on my bank account are outdated. He reassures me that I would still be able to access my account online. With that hope, I sit to modify the address details, the page is auto logged off. Then started whole of the havoc – trying to call the CitiPhone explaining my concern and getting an answer. Since the debit card has been closed, the online account associated with that would be closed as well. I would receive new card within 4 working days. All fine – but the problem exactly is – how will I receive it when the addresses are outdated? Not only the office address, but my residence address also. The guy over phone asks me to reach the nearest CitiBank as early as possible and update the address. We set our journey to nearest branch which is good 25-30KMs far and thats the best we could get. After a lot of struggle we reach there – almost half of the day gone. The lady over there tells me that the document proof is not valid enough for her to update! OooppHH.. I was maha pissed off! Truly a deadlock – I would need the card to update the address online, easily. But the addresses are wrong and I cant get my card. What am I to do? S assures me again that, when the courier is to be delivered, I would get a call on my mobile and then I could go back to my old office building to get the card. I was kinda of convinced. What was I awaiting? The card has been shipped via bluedart and I have the waybill number. I call the bluedart guy to check if I can receive the shipment directly from his office. He says No. I tell him that I have a change in address and that I would need a call before he comes to deliver. He says No. I assure him that I still work for the same company but just a different building and Check to see if he can call me. He says he is glad that I work for same company, but he is not instructed. I dont understand these ppl. He says, the delivered would be attempted 2 times before he calls me for the third time. If I dont respond, the card goes back to Chennai. Furthermore, he asks me to call CitiBank and get a letter from them mentioning address change. I was surely not approaching those rude ppl again. I just told him I would be there when the phone call come and hung up. I was in splits. I had no idea what to do. Worst case, I thought I would work from my old building and get the card somehow. What happens then? God finally showers his blessing on me and I see that the shipment is delivered – to someone – DEBAJYOTHIBOORA it read. I called Bluedart again to check who it was. It was indeed someone from Intel. A flush of adrenalin run through me. I knew it was in safe hands and I would get it somehow. I reached the security desk who immediately helped me locate the shipment. I was confirmed this morning that Intel Mail Room had the package and I would get in in the afternoon. I was still not out of the tension. Everything came to a good end when I had the most anticipated mail from the mail room guy – 

Request you to collect YOUR (CITI BANK- PIN NO, Debit card) from EMB1 Mailroom Desk @ 4th Floor (WEST WING) ASAP
I was there in a moment and now happily typing this up 😉 I was such a lazy bum to update the details. Now learnt it through the hardest way. I now have all my money left for me and my card too.. 🙂 

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