Joy of Being Gifted

Its immense… 🙂 There are two things.. the joy of gifting and then the joy of being gifted. While you show how much you love a person you gift, getting it back is always much more great! You are being treasured and you do matter to someone. Ok ok.. Why all this gyaan now you are thinking ?!?! for obvious reasons.. S gifted me an MP4 player yesterday 🙂 🙂

I am happy beyond bounds…. truley.. genuinely.. really!! I have been wanting to have a music player for a long long time. I had gifted Sony mp4 player to my sis last year, when I was very much feeling like having one. But she deserved it much more than me. There I was from that moment hoping that I would get it some time or the other from someone or the other. Whats the occasion – my birthday was approaching and I thought who else either S or my sis would get me. No such luck! some more time passed on before I could get all cranky. I am like this – If I wish for something, I want it right now. Its a wonder I had waited 10 months or more for the player! May be I was too determined that I should get this as a gift only and I am in no ways gonna buy this out for me. 🙂
It all started during September first week when I was sick with back pain. As luck would have it, I was terribly bored and eating minds out of S. Really helpless, S brought up the idea of mp4 player to kill my boredom. He went ahead to do the research on my behalf and induced the Apple Ipod fever in me. After one hour or so of internet surfing, the idea was thrown out from his mind while mine caught fire. One month passed on. No Ipod yet. One and half months passed on. Nothing yet. I was getting too complaining. I was even thinking of buying one for his birthday and ask him to gift it back.. I am cunning that way! He wasn’t buying that anyways. 😦 Atlast intolerant to my daily slokas on ipod, off we went to buy. First, I was not getting to try the Ipod Touch, there was some stupid issue and it would let me operate it. I was content with a Philips mp4 which has e-book reader too. I couldn’t try that one either due to lack of power. It felt heavier to handle. But no complaints. Then, there was this Sony Player which was over priced than that was showed on the official site. After 1 hour of discussion, S decided with Apple touch for me. We were looking for 8 GB one, but the guy hands us the 64GB one that is around 21K!!! I was upset. I ask him to get me Philips at least. He looks in and says there is no stock! I was not getting that Sony which was over priced as such! Really pissed off and wanted to shout @!!%&^&!@!!! All my hopes shattered again! I left the idea of getting a player in first place and wanted to forget it.
S took me out yesterday and we were looking at Apple Ipod again which could be tried on this time and then they had 8GB touch on stock. All is well… 🙂 I say to myself. but what-did-i-see – It wasn’t that great to operate.. not so cool for me. And the touch was putting me off. Video display seemed 4:3 in-spite of the screen size. I right away said, I am not getting that. I am simple that way!! 🙂 There we go to the Sony Center to find the exciting 8GB model with OLED Display, FM and Noise cancellation (Model No – A844)  at just the right price as in the website. With no further delay, I announce S that I want it and he gets it!! Much after the long long wait. We get a small cute pouch for it. I couldn’t hold back to charge it and load songs. While I prepare the dinner, S does most of this stuff. I was restlessly waiting to get it on my hands and take a look. Finally, S does the honors of listening to the first song after an indefinite search for Yuvan’s song (in my list of songs ah.. duh!!). The first song played  being – “En Kathal Solla Theve Illai..” from Payya. After a min, he hands me over. And there are tears and all.. 🙂 Tears from boundless joy! (even though I was hearing this Yuvan’s song!!). The experience was just awesome, incomparable. I have atlast made the right choice. and I love it to bits. 
Sometimes material gifts also do matter…. 🙂 
Here is the one I have got – 
Love you S.. 🙂

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