Not that privileged…….

I had a lump in my throat this morning when I sighted an infant (about 8 months old) inside my house gate (between the grill doors). The baby was nicely wrapped in a bundle of torn clothes, laid down on an old saree which was close to rubbish. It was fast asleep to its side unmindful of the honking vehicles and other noises on the road.

Some insight into the story before going ahead. There is a new house being constructed opposite to our home and today there is some major activity going on – Not sure if they were putting on the roof or something. The work had begun early morning with a huge noise making gravel cement churning machine. There were quite a number of ladies waiting for their turn of work to begin. One of them must be a recent mother, striving to survive thus bringing the 8 month baby to work!! Given that my home has a shady mango tree, She has come in and left the baby to sleep on the dusty ground and has gone to her work.

When I was leaving for work, I saw a bundle of clothes. The baby was so small that I hardly noticed her. One closer look at it, I was shocked and my heart broke into pieces. Such a poor baby, sleeping on ground with no protection at all still not feeling disturbed. I cant think of the number of insects and variety of ants from the mango tree that would harm her! And in no time, it would have been very sunny and 8-month baby being left out like this.. They are definitely unprivileged. Which mom would want to bring her baby to the most unfriendly workplace amidst the huge machinery? And is there a hope that she would find a shady and safe place for the baby where ever she goes to work? How many ppl will let her take care of the baby during her work? There is no answer to these questions.

I would do nothing but remained silent and looked at the baby for sometime before leaving the gate open. Life shows different people different things. I have learnt to respect what I have and thank God for it.


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