Little one forever……

This post was due for a long time now. Remember this long post on my childhood days? It would never be complete without telling the infinite bondage that I share with my sister. There are a million thoughts crossing my mind even looking at the title. Let me try and bring the best moments we have had together.

I would always say proudly at any point of time in my life – She is the most important person in my life and I love her the most. (Sorry S, she is as equivalent as you are to me and you know that! ). My mom tells me that I had wished only for a sister when she was preggy and I even named her Jalaja, stubborn that I would only have a “Chelli.. Thammuru Ajju” (Sister only, Dont want a brother) even while she was in the womb. Thats when the divine bondage should have started. My sister would smile only at me and laugh for even the smallest gestures I do when she was just few months old. “Akkaaa” – is the word she first uttered. I know for sure, her world revolved around me. Acting the bigger sis is not so easy for a person like me.. who is utmost possessive of her things. I would shoo off ppl touching her or kissing her, though I would feel so proud she looks very cute and everyone likes her. I felt, She belonged to me and none would mess up with that fact. I still remember a few things I did to her….

  •  When I get a chocolate at school, I wouldn’t eat it but save it to give her, my little sis. I felt terribly guilty of the thought of eating it alone. Come home, share that small chocolate with her – the joy was immense.
  •  I should say, I visited her in the classroom for every interval break and during lunch time. This continued till I was in 10th std, while she was in 8th Std. Later I had to change school and we both missed each other quite badly.
  •  I have always been over protective about her. There are multiple instances, details not going to be shared.
  •  I have beat her many a times and should have hurt her badly, say till I was in 4th or 5th std. All of this, due to the over protective nature. One fine day, she came to me and said one sentence – “Akka, neku naa medha prema ledha… enthuku eppudu kodathav?? ” (translates to – Akka dont you love me, why do you hurt me always?? ) I think this threw some light on me and I turned my protection to show her the love.
  •  I could never see her suffer – even out of common cold or severe fever. Many a times, she had to be admitted in the hospital due to her weak health conditions and everytime I would cry & pray God very hard. Those times were like, I thought its perfectly Ok to ask a wish for my sister while asking one for me is like being selfish.
  •  There are times she had to come to me to learn maths or get help for Hindi. I would get very impatient if she is slow in understanding. All our neighbours would know when we both were learning together 🙂
  •  I love her signing and always have felt proud for her singing abilities. She had the dancing passion too and I have always felt very happy for her to have something which I cannot even think of.
  •  No matter how many friends ditched her, cheated her or failed her, I have always remained to be her Bestest Friend (I know, I know… Dont ask me how )
  •  She is the most hard working, determined person. She has always looked to me as her guide and I have sometimes set up high standards for her. I know she is more hardworking and talented than I am and lot more better than me.
  •  I have always looked her as my little one, however old she has got till now.
  •  Our school days were the most wonderful. Cycle rides together, lunch and interval break meets, school prayers together and there are lot more sweet memories associated.
  •  I have the most number of pet names to call her. Sometimes I just make up some name and call her out, she comes to me running happily. 🙂 I dont remember calling her by real name except when I am angry with her and she knows that!

Now some of the things she did to me (I should say, she acts big sister some times )

  •  I owe most of my success to her – She is the pillar. Gets everything prepared for me and gives me some will power and confidence everytime I go for an exam. 🙂
  •  She is the courageous one of the two. I have hid behind her in fear many a times 🙂
  •  Matured and knows how to talk. Look at this scenario – We both go to a small shop near by. I send her in, She does most of the bargain and buys the stuff for me 🙂
  •  She is unimaginably possessive about me – Most of the times argued with my parents that she is not sending me married to some person out of the house 🙂 I never ever thought I would marry with this condition given and would tell my parents jokingly that I would flee off 🙂
  •  We call her the “PedhaPerakka” of the house – having opinion about anything and everything. There would always be some advice and philosophy waiting at the tip of her tongue.
  •  Forgot to mention the most important point – We haven’t fought at all. I mean, we argue and discuss a lot. But fight… NO!! we were found as the most loving sisters in the school.
  •  She had the burden of a sister who has already excelled in her classes and had a good name from all the teachers. I am the one… YES 😀 I was the silent, studious, focused only on studies kind of girl while she was the most naughty, talkative, playful kind of girl among the teachers. During the parents teachers meet, everyone would exclaim -” Are you XXXX’s sister?? What a shame you have put her to.., Dont be so playful!!”
  •  Once we were on our own as adults, we have discussed everything under the sun. She is my best friend and gossiping is so much fun with her.
  •  There is something for which I owe her my lifetime, she is the cause and the reason for my wedding with S. (Yet again, another post worth this )

I know this is never-ending. I cant explain all that I feel about her. She is the little darling of our home and no one except me can have a word with her. She is the sweetest, cutest, darnest kiddo to me forever. She understands my needs even when I think of them. She is the most beautiful person in my life and there is none-alike ever! The feelings I have for her are so different –
She is the child when I protect her – She is the small sister when she menaces with me – She is the big sister when she tells me I am wrong – She is the mother when she guides me – She is the grandmother when she advises me – She is more than the mother-in-law, sister-in-law when she bugs me.

Ummmmmmachi :*


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