Back Pain Story – Part 1

Before starting on my long tale of back pain, I should definitely say why I should have got it in the first place. Saturday(10-09-2011) had been very usual with the day starting with cleaning home, washing clothes, preparing breakfast, lunch and elaborated pooja.. Me n S went for a round of shopping to kill the afternoon. Staples was the first destination – where I got some new variety of water colors, a sketching book, linseed oil and finally a silver foil which could be engraved. I had two birthdays coming up (first my dad’s on sep 15 and then S’s on Oct 3rd) Landed in Brand Factory – to get some shirts and pants for these gentlemen of my life! I should say a girl’s shopping would be so little complicated. We spent solid 4-5hrs for getting 5 shirts and 3 pants!! Oooph….. My legs were aching with every minute passing by. I take a shirt, show it to S.. He says… too bright. Ok.. I take one more to try my luck.. He says too dull.. next attempts of my selection gets comments like – too matching… not matching at all… Or… the worst case – He would find a super cool shirt/pant which satisfies him fully but from a wrong size and cant find the same one from the correct size. Finally we get content with what we chose and start back home. I develop severe headache in the mean time. To get distracted and relax myself, I think of doing the silver foil engraving. Start with it so enthusiastically sitting on floor… spreading myself without letting S walk across the room, refusing to change my place.. S prepared dinner.. I spent good 1 hour to finish only half of it. Determined to get up only after fully finishing, I rush through my knorr soupy noodles and continue to engrave.  The final piece was all glittering and turned out good, but when I got up..felt my hand would fall off any moment and my back was paining.. I should have stopped there. Out of sheer excitement, wanted to try the new water colors and started to do a picture of 2 parrots. In between I felt so tired, literally lost interest in painting thereafter but somehow wanted to complete it. This time I was hunching myself from the sofa to the tepoy table infront. All this had adverse effects on my spine. Should have avoided these bad postures that too for such a prolonged time 😦 Lesson learnt the hard way!!

I try to walk, there was a slight shooting pain.. ( I have had this experience 3 times till now, so I could sense the bigger danger lying infront) I dont say anything and go to bed, watch Die Another Day.. At the end of movie, my back was totally not under my control. Pain aggrevated. I silently fell asleep. Had such a disturbed sleep. Everytime I try to turn to a side, I would wake up out of pain.

At 6.50Am on Sunday Morning, I feel terrible pain and very hard to move. I make up my mind somehow and try to get up from bed. The Shooting Pain… Once the comfortable position is changed,every nano second felt like ages.. Couldnt rest my legs on the floor. Cried and shouted so loudly that I awoke S..he cant touch me to move or make me lie down.. One wrong move or push would mean, even more pain. I cry, cry, and cry more. Cant sit, stand, walk, move or sleep. What am I to do? Just cried hard.

S started surfing net to find the hospitals that would open the earliest and have an ortho doctor. Seems like no hospital would have any doctor before 10Am… 10AM – Seemed like an eternity. He started calling hospitals saying “Its an emergency case“. They ask if we would need an ambulance. At that thought, I cry even more cos he says I am an emergency case. We leave for the hospital after I tell S not to remarry if I dont come back from hospital (I am mean that way and frightened to the core. Was wondering my spine has broke or something). Getting on to the bike was much bigger feat for me. S would tilt the bike easy enough for me to rest my back and he would lift it back. Going 1Km like that was almost hell. Ask me what the real hell was – Climbing 3 BIG steps (I felt each step was atleast a meter high) and making myself move for say 10 feet and waiting at the reception while S filling the registration form. Finally I was with the doctor. As if all the pain is not enough, doctor asks me to get on to a bed and I should climb 2 steps to reach it. I felt I would fall off any moment. Doctor checks my spine, moves my legs up and down – makes some calculations. When I die with horrible pain, he starts to explain me the problem I have. I was like – God pls…… can someone take away this  pain from me?? At last he asks me to take 2 injections and stay in the hospital for 1 hour while he does his duty in the operation theater. A short mallu nurse tells me that its gastric and give me an injection in vein. One more injection in the back. I rest there, feeling giddy.. not able to move. Starving from hunger. At 11Am, doctor comes, checks me again and sends me home. I need to be on complete bed rest for 5 days. We paid a good 800Rs for the service.

S prepares breakfast, gives me the medicines. I fell asleep immediately. I get up to see its already past 2Pm and S is busy doing the dishes. I feel so hungry again. Faintly remember asking him for lunch. He gets me podi sadam and apalam. I try to sit up and fail terribly. Lovely S feeds me food and I sleep again. Later in the evening, S gets me KFC Zinger, Choc Amor’ , one big piece of full Choc cake and one more big piece of Almond Choc Fudge cake, Namkeens and Son Papdi.. to make me feel better 😀 another lovely gesture right!???!

That closes day-1 of the story. Struggles of my life partner S continues…. the next day!!


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