Fast.. Fast.. Fast…

Fast.. Fast.. Fast… Fasting….

Yes, I am on fast(!) today. No specific reasons. I dont want to tie up with any God, for I might need to keep doing this every time with the God fear. I would not want to tie this up for some secret wish I have in mind, cos I dont have one right now. Then why fasting you may ask. The reason might sound crazy – I am fasting today cos I didn’t prepare lunch and breakfast at home. 
I got up at 6.15Am to sleep only for 5 minutes, but ended up sleeping till 7.15Am.. the lazy me 😦 Thus i had to rush to office without preparing any food. I couldn’t bring myself to think or eat the cafe food. That left with the only option of fasting. To accept the fact, I am a kind of person who couldn’t tolerate even minutes delay for having the food (that too the breakfast). Also, I should better eat away my food before I am too hungry. Have you ever heard of a person who cant eat in hunger? Thats me… I cant even eat a handful if I hungry. Given this, I thought fasting would never be my side, until I did it today! I have been fasting for say – 20 hrs now. And I am still alive 😀 My plan to remain fasting till sunset which I assume is 6Pm (hopefully sun goes off by then). 
When I told my mom that I will be on fasting today, her immediate reaction being – “What??!!!??” then she went on to say that – “Why do you do all these.. Even if you do, why should you tell me? So that I keep worrying thinking of you at home? ” My response was – “Ok… Just forget it as if I haven’t told you” but that never works.. that too with mom. 🙂 
I had a pretty busy day at office today, and my stomach was behaving as if the large intestine is eating up the smaller one.. I had been surviving on litres of water today and of course 2 small cups of milk (as I dont wish to get hospitalized tomorrow and shake out S ). All the while I was just thinking abt Anna Hazare, the 74 yr old man who had been on fast for 11 days with just plain water. Whenever food came to my thoughts, I brought myself to think of Anna forcibly. But one day’s fast is so tough for me.. Cant think of 11 days!!
Now coming to the positives and negatives of fasting – from my experience
  • I am sure I am gonna faint any moment now.
  • Once I have my food after 6Pm, the after effects are going to be much worse.
  • I am gonna feel nervous for the rest of the day.
  • I am going to be feeling weak how much ever I eat now.
  • And finally, I may turn to eating non stop.. just that my fast has ended.
  • I now know that I can remain and manage with out food for over 20hrs.
  • I should say that my concentration has improved so much today. The harder I was trying not to think of food, the very word came into my mind. So, I was paying more attention to my work instead.
  • I was able to remain peacefully. There was no anger, no irritation and I could take anything very light. The reason being, I was HUNGRY. I had no energy that I could waste on being angry and irritated. Everything seemed so little before my hunger 😀
  • I was managing around 10 IM Communicator windows answering so many different questions to each one of them while talking to a friend on gtalk. There was no confusion. My mind was crystal clear.
  • I would have definitely burnt a considerable amt of my fat (though my intention is not that)
  • As the books say, my body would have been cleansed with those litres of water I drank and definitely a rest for my digestive system.
One of the sure shots to take care while breaking the fast – is to remain disciplined and not ending up overeating. I am counting myself on the discipline part 😀

Let me see if I am alright tomorrow to give folks an update. Hopefully my dear S would prepare me the dinner tonight (what if I faint right on the stove!!?? – well, this is my trump card :D)


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