Who wants a vacation??

Remember me happily jumping up and down for the 5 day vacation time in Chennai?! Hmmm… not so good it  turned out to be.. of course had some definitely memorable moments.. but not my kind of vacation… I spent a good 3 days and 3 nights at my place! Of the other two days, went out for MANKATHA movie one day and spent lazily at S‘s home for the next day. But most of the time I was SICK SICK and more SICK!! :(:(:( I was more cranky, complaining and messy…

As if all of this is not enough, I have tons and tons of work post vacation… Struggling to juggle between work and home. Most of the days I am half mad with a screw loose when I am back home. So, in the coming days, if you hear of a person with hair standing upright on head talking only of MB52, MIGO, ME21N, VF01.. its none other than me… Thats how I am these days… who knows I may ask S if he wants SE16 or SE38 for breakfast tomo 😀


So, what's your say?

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