Running Race from Dawn to Dusk!

Hmmmm….. I have been married for 170 days till date 🙂 🙂 Time just flies by!! Things are happening too fast. I should admit life has become more mechanical. The day starts usually at 5.15Am in the morning – I try so hard to  snooze the multiple alarms I have set for myself. At that moment, all I wish for is another 2 mins of deep sleep. I enjoy it to the fullest 😛 Finally the alarm snoozing struggle ends up around 6Am when I lose myself to that small gadget and get up from the bed. The very first thing to do is to switch on the geyser – I rely on super hot water even for brushing my teeth in Bangalore. I’m not to be blamed.. So is the climate here!!

I right-away step into the kitchen. I need to prepare breakfast and so called lunch in just 45 mins 🙂 My choice for breakfast always remains to be idli/dosa with groundnut/coconut chutney. Its so hard to compromise myself. Coming to lunch.. I prepare anything and everything that can be done fast! I am notorious in office for the ready-made sambar rice that I make. I try to be healthy-healthy conscious 😛 its a must to have some vegetable for lunch.. mostly half cooked with less oil and chilly (trying to be healthy-healthy again; Sometimes I prepare so weird combinations of rice and vegetable 😛 ). Most of the times, both my cookers would be due cleaning, waiting in the sink. Then, I would have an additional task for cleaning first followed by cooking. By the time I run back and forth from Kitchen-to-Fridge-Kitchen-Microwave-Sink-Mixie-Fridge-Kitchen.. it would be time to wake up my dear S 🙂 the running race and shouting competition from Kitchen-to-Bedroom then begins. “Its already 6.45, are you getting up or not???” would be the first sentence in a softer tone. Regular minute by minute time updates begin next. Finally I go stand next to him, shake him with full force and make sure he is not sleeping anymore. :):) (I feel so happy waking up someone.. double the happiness when its S :P:P)

Once S is off to get ready, I start preparing breakfast. I love my dosas cold…. 😛 I need to be in office as early as 8Am too. So, I take my turn to get ready after setting up breakfast on the table. Finally when S is rushing up.. I do my small (very small) pooja while he manages with the shoes and socks business. Next task is to get the lunch boxes ready.. Finding the right lid, the cover.. and the spoon. I turn up into mini CID Shakuntala 😛 Finally S sets off.. Oooophh!!!

Next, I chant my regular slokas… takes around 30 – 40 mins. Rush up with the breakfast (I love having chutney in equal proportions to idli/dosa:):):) ) . I just dont find time for dressing up myself. To wear some random clothes and make sure to put a pottu.. is all I’m doing every morning. The next process is to lock the many locks!! make sure I am done with all of them and start running to office-Needless to mention abt the traffic and multiple times I need to cross the road. Within 15 mins, I need to be in office attending a meeting. 😦

Around 5.30Pm, I can gladly call it a day at office and rush back home. The very sight of so many leaves in the Portico calls in for the sweeping activity.. 😦 Next… Kitchen sink welcomes me with vessels over flooding.:( It would be soon dinner time.. We start the i-am-not-interested-in-deciding-the-dinner-menu 🙂 conversation to decide the menu myself. I do prepare a variety of dinner items (as I told you all, I love cooking 😛 harassing ppl with food 😛 ). Once I am done with plans for next day’s lunch. I can say good night to myself 🙂

Life is turning out to be a routine and I am feeling myself turning into a machine. ok ok.. These are all the tasks I enjoy doing. I am not cribbing here. I just want to bring myself some change which could make me more organised, feel relaxed and do my work with gracefulness and calmness. I am enjoying this new phase of my life and I think the transition so far has been smooth enough! 🙂 I am feeling responsible lately.. so, its a good change!! 🙂 🙂


3 thoughts on “Running Race from Dawn to Dusk!

  1. Hey….you don miss to bring in few of our personal lovely things that every lady would wish to do(Cooking for hubby,prayer for god and updates to ur mom/family and maintaining ur personal interests – blogging,painting etc) amidst your mechanical life 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I am new to your blog…dont know how i landed here….read all your posts…..u are an un-believable cook :-)…and u pray for 30-40 mins my god…superb…i generally light the lamps and give prasad and go to office…..should really get your motivation of getting up early in the morning.

    On a final note it was great reading your posts 🙂

    • Hi Pavitra, I am so glad you liked my posts.. 🙂

      And I probably should write an update to this post. I seldom pray these days.. its getting missed in the daily grind. If I ever get time.. even I am just lighting a lamp 🙂

      I think I should read this post again and feel motivated myself too 🙂

      Thanks again and welcome to my blog!

      If you have a blog, pls share the url – would love to read it 🙂

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