The dog that barks…. ALWAYS ***

I am not a dog lover; For that matter, I am not a pet lover at all. Actually – I am afraid of dogs and cats to put forth the truth. The story gets back to my childhood days when I was around 7 yrs old. We had a cruel lady as one of our neighbors who had 2 Pomeranian dogs. She raised them as the Hitlers of the colony outrunning the breed. Every time, one of those dogs  sees a kid playing around, it would try so hard to plunge itself out of its BIG dog house and pounce on the playing kids. As it happened to be the fact that I and my sis A being the cutest of the cutest kids, it was after us one day.. 😦 full bulky on A trying to snatch her frock. I ran after it to save A but to get caught as well. It took whole 5 mins for the cruel lady to save us. When I see a dog, the memories go back in full swing to this incident. 

When I and S were getting married there was one big concern at the back of my mind – How am I going to face the DOG at their place? (and its a Pomeranian too!! ) I was not even faintly afraid of meeting my in-laws but terrified at the thought of being with a dog for 1 hour. It never accepted my presence – kept on sniffing, threw mysterious looks at me and even barked.. I remained stone hard most of the times (I shouted so loudly calling for help, the first time i tried to lick me and sniff my clothes). Finally when it was the time to leave, I made friends with it 😀 Now, it welcomes me warmly, jumps around and goes round about my legs to show its happiness that I am home.. It doesn’t stop there.. it goes to every room waking up everyone to show that I have come back. Its the most timid and loving creature I have ever found. It doesn’t even bark – occasionally it does which scares me off again.. 🙂 Some other interesting facts – its afraid of ants, lizards and mosquitoes. It tries to dodge itself from the sight of these small creatures. 🙂 🙂 Can you believe that this dog was scared and bitten by a cat!!?? (That cat must be the area Dada 😛 🙂 I can proudly say – I am not any more afraid of this so called dog 😛

Actual reference to the title of this post starts here. When I and S were searching for a new house in Bangalore, we stumbled upon this house where everything was super good. I had only one issue – its the dog next house. Its so wrong to call it a dog – A Jimmi. Its so big that, its apt to call it Kannukutti. Stands majestic at half of my height and double my weight 😦 The very first day at new home started with its continuous barking through out the day. It never rests! It barks round the clock – never for the right need. The next day I paid closer attention to it. Jimmi starts its sincere duty of barking at 5 – 5.15 AM in the morning. Somewhere around 6 – 6.30 it has its jogging sessions (jumping from one end of the compound wall to the other end – which happens to be  at my side) It runs so fast, considering its body build and all that, it can easily jump into my house 😦 😦 I remained locked well inside the grill gate to be on the safer side. this continues for an hour and then on need – basis. There would be some street dogs which go on enjoyment spree irritating Jimmi to the core. The action scene being, one of the male street dogs catch up with its lover, show off some signs to Jimmi and hide themselves in a canal where Jimmi can no longer see them ( They need some privacy too.. after all its dog love 🙂 🙂 ). Our dog (sorry Kannukutti) hero takes this to heart and like an angry Vijaykant, it jumps restlessly and goes ahead showing its anger further more by jogging 😀 

There is this poor me in the house next to it. With very limited luck, I get to work from home on some days. I would be busily taking up a very important meeting, just then it starts barking so loudly (as if it has just had some donkey milk ) I would unnecessarily need to apologize to everyone in the meeting for N number of times and give a stupid explanation that I don’t own a dog and that its not starving ( I am not that cruel ). There would be certain meetings where you would need to just mark your attendance. I usually go on mute for the rest of the meeting. Unfortunately, only when Jimmi is busy barking, I would invite a clarification from the presenter. Again, the same story of dog ownership goes on.. Sick!! 

Sometimes, when its drizzling at the evening with the climate being so good I love having hot puffs! The moment I enter in with a puff in hand.. Kannukutti Jimmi jumps from nowhere and sneaks into a tiny gap in the compound wall. I can only see part of its nose and half of its eye – remains focused on my puff!! 😦 I simply run inside with a relief that – Jimmi doesn’t know that its taller enough to jump off the wall, I am safer that way.
When it finds this trick, I am going to bug S to change house!! 🙂 🙂

Jimmi.. pls get some rest.. 🙂

Glossary – 
*Kannukutti – calf


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